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When Zombies, Aliens, and Felons Steal Our Votes


Voting_United_StatesPeople may expect zombies to be wandering the streets on Halloween, but they certainly don’t expect them to start casting ballots a week later. Yet in Colorado, dead voters’ ballots are cropping up in the vote counts.

CBS4, a Denver TV station, identified multiple cases of dead men and women in the state voting, with dozens of other deceased individuals still on the rolls. Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams confirmed these instances and both state and county investigations have been launched.

This comes on top of a report back in May by another CBS station in Los Angeles that found a similar problem in Southern California, with some zombie voters repeatedly voting from the grave years after they died.

While Colorado isn’t the only state dealing with an influx of ineligible voters, it’s unfortunately one of the few states trying to do something about it. A recent report by the Public Interest Legal Foundation and Virginia Voters Alliance lists thousands of noncitizens who were registered to vote and cast ballots in elections in Virginia and Pennsylvania.

The report analyzed data from just eight counties within Virginia. In these eight, the legal foundation found over 1,000 aliens who registered to vote illegally, with nearly 200 ballots cast from this group before they were removed from the rolls.What’s perhaps most shocking about this is that the alien voters were only detected because when they renewed their driver’s licenses, they told the truth the second time when they admitted to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles that they were not citizens. Thus, this report certainly only shows a fraction of the problem, while the true extent of ineligible noncitizen voters in Virginia has yet to be uncovered.

While this number may seem insignificant, recall that the 2013 Virginia attorney general’s race was decided by a margin of 165 votes, not to mention how the integrity of the voting process is compromised and the votes of legitimate voters are stolen when ineligible individuals are allowed to cast ballots.

While these aliens have been removed from the registration rolls, it seems no information about their illegal registration and voting has been turned over to law enforcement for investigation and prosecution.

Worse still, state election officials appointed by Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, have refused to provide information on their voting histories and have instructed other counties contacted by the Public Interest Legal Foundation not to provide information on aliens removed from the voter rolls. This gives the appearance of a blatant cover-up.

Instead of being outraged at this illegal behavior by noncitizens or outlining what steps would be taken by the state to prosecute them, McAuliffe instead accused the Public Interest Legal Foundation of prematurely casting doubt on election results: “When you can’t talk about issues and you have nothing to say to the American public about what you will do for them, you throw up issues that have no basis in substance at all.”

No substance? McAuliffe ignored the fact that all of these individuals who illegally registered and voted were removed from the voter rolls because election officials had all the “substance” they needed to prove they were ineligible noncitizens. The governor is ignoring instance after instance of possible felony voter fraud.

Unfortunately, this problem is not unique to Virginia. A similar report released by the legal foundation on Philadelphia shows that thousands of ineligible voters, both noncitizens and felons, registered to vote, stayed on the rolls, and cast ballots in the City of Brotherly Love.

Again, these instances were only found through individuals self-reporting their ineligibility or by chance, meaning they only cover a fraction of the problem, and again, Philadelphia election officials have done nothing to identify these ineligible voters.

Despite the fact that incarcerated felons are barred from voting, Philadelphia election officials refuse to remove felons from the voter rolls or even notate their records. They don’t even know who the felons are because they didn’t ask.

As the legal foundation’s report says, “City of Philadelphia election officials behave as if Pennsylvania law prohibiting certain felons from voting doesn’t even exist. This is rank lawlessness.” They also take no proactive steps to detect aliens who are illegally registered or voting.

The fact that there are so many felons and potential felons from Philadelphia in the state Legislature today or formerly might have something to do with Philadelphia’s lawless attitude. This was demonstrated at a hearing on Oct. 3 at the state Capitol where J. Christian Adams, president and general counsel of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, testified before the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee on the findings in the Philadelphia report.

One of the members of the committee is Vanessa Lowery Brown, D-Philadelphia, who is under indictment for taking bribes to vote against voter ID legislation. According to state grand jury testimony, she admitted her guilt and told undercover officers that she preferred her bribes to be delivered by check, not in cash.

Despite this admission to the grand jury and the fact that four other defendants facing similar charges have all pleaded guilty and a fifth pleaded no contest (all state legislators, too), Brown is claiming she was racially targeted by law enforcement. This claim has been vehemently denied by all of the law enforcement officials involved in the prosecution.

According to a source present at the hearing, Brown spent much of the Oct. 3 hearing disputing that prohibiting incarcerated felons from voting should be a concern even though it is the law of Pennsylvania. She complained that talking about the issue would deter felons from voting once they got out of prison. She said encouraging felons to vote when they leave prison should be more important than worrying about ballots being cast for or by them when they are in prison.

This caused state Rep. Jerry Knowles, R-Tamaqua, to explode even though he was sitting next to Brown on the dais: “My constituents don’t give a rip about whether a felon is discouraged from voting, I can tell you that much, they care about their vote not being canceled by an illegal vote. “

Another convicted felon (we are not making this up) who is a member of the House committee was also present at the hearing, although she got up at one point and left the hearing room. State Rep. Leslie Acosta, D-Philadelphia, pleaded guilty in March to a felony count of conspiring to commit money laundering, although that has not stopped her from running for re-election (or potentially voting in November). Only in Philadelphia.

Virginia, Philadelphia, and Colorado all highlight the security problems we have in our voter registration system that allow fraudulent and illegal votes to poison the integrity of the election process. They emphasize the need for officials to investigate, charge, and remove ineligible voters from the rolls, not ignore the problem and refuse to enforce the law against wrongdoers.

No matter how small the number, ineligible and zombie voters have no place in our voting rolls or ballot boxes. Until we take steps to improve the security and integrity of our election process, the problem will only grow.

Commentary by Jennifer Matthes and Hans von Spakovsky, the Daily Signal

  • Richard Bagenstose

    proof of how corrupt our government has become , all this proof and not a single government agency will look into it , just like the rest of the world our elections mean nothing anymore , the fix is in before they even start campaigning

  • Name

    They found 250,000 fake ballots in Ohio with Hillary all ready check and boxed up.

    • plum82

      CROOKED, SCUM BAG hil-liar-y……….


    The travesty of the 2000 election should have lit a fire under every concerned American. Especially when you consider that the SCOTUS appointed winner was reciting nursery rhymes in Florida while foreign enemies of the U.S. initially killed over 3000 citizens ! Then an unjustified war was declared on Iraq who was blamed for 9/11 despite the fact that the FBI list of perpetrators who were exclusively of Saudi origin. A war than has now expanded to include a majority of the Middle East and raised the specter of a Nuclear World War with Russia.

    • I-RIGHT-I

      Voting only matters now. It didn’t matter before. You only thought you had political party bubba and because you’re a dummy you’re going right back to the same people who brought us here, you dummy.

      • RLTMLT

        Difficult to post a rational reply when your hindered by a 3rd grade education and obvious psychological problems !

        • I-RIGHT-I

          I agree with you on that one Pard, there is something terribly wrong about you but I give you more credit than the third grade. You know nothing and what you do know is wrong.

          • RLTMLT

            You have no idea what I know. If you can rise about infantile insults, what is your position ?

          • I-RIGHT-I

            Right now I’m sitting down licking my wounds from your outrageous assault on my character and love of country. Never mind that I started it!

            I’m of the opinion that we’ve been taken over as a people and our boy Don just might be able to buy us another 20 years before tshtf. In other word not disposed to believe we’ve have a two party system any longer, not a real one.

          • RLTMLT

            We can definitely agree on that, I’m a Trump supporter and his belief that, as a country, we can do far better by negotiating with our so-called enemies who abandoned Communism over 25 years ago. This would lead to a profitable and peaceful relationship for all. It’s now quite clear that the Liberal element in this country is committed to a Totalitarian Dictatorship where the government has full control over everybody’s lives ! Unfortunately the Neocon wing of the Republican Party has, over recent years, formed a close relationship with the current Neoliberal Leadership of the Democrat party and this relationship has a name, a Two Party Duopoly. Their goal is to create a global military empire whose brutal repression will likely include forced mandatory population reduction that is already an unstated goal for the Liberal Climate Change Movement ! I’m a Vietnam Vet who did his part to insure that our form of government remained intact, it was the Liberals who spit on returning veterans and called them traitors and I’ll never forget that !

          • I-RIGHT-I

            Forgive me for doubting you for even a moment. You rock and thanks more than I can ever say for defending our beloved country Sir! I call them the UniParty and I’ve been around awhile too just a little younger than you I imagine plus I had a higher lottery number. I think I screwed up by not joining and earning my stripes as you did. I’ve never said that out loud.

  • Robert

    For at lest the last 75 years the same thing has been going on in the elections, I remember the bus coming around when I was a child and you got a bottle of whiskey and a ride there and back to go vote for who ever they wanted you to vote for, and anyone could vote several times in different places, all the rummies stayed drunk for weeks after the elections, both parties did it and still do n parts of the country, political corruption is not a one party thing.
    As far as felons voting if they were to be excluded why was it not put in the constitution, at the time of the Constitution Felons who had served their time were not excluded from anything, including owning guns.That is a Republican thing to punish someone for life or something that they did and paid the price for. That is why so many states are giving the felons their rights back after they have completed their sentence and parole.

  • Kevin

    I had a manager at work once a few years ago who was a fellow firearm enthusiast, but gun owners are a diverse lot. Some people like putting 5 bullets through the same hole in a paper target at 200 yards (the benchresters), other shooters like clanging metal targets, others just like blowing water-filled pop cans apart. My old boss was in to shooting “zombie” targets (paper targets with horrible pictures of the “undead” on them in threatening poses). I’m not “in to” zombies. I tried to tell him, “You DO realize there are no such things as zombies, right?” Then, I remembered, zombies are unthinking, mindless creatures that stumble around saying, “uuhhh” – and it suddenly hit me that that was a pretty good, working definition of a Liberal Democrat, only they go around saying, “uuhhh, Trump bad, I’m with Hillary….” I then had to admit to my boss that maybe zombies really do exist!

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