Barack Obama, The White House

What’s That in Obama’s Pants?


It’s the season for shock videos and here’s one the mainstream media have kept well hidden for years:


Don’t expect any of the fake shock and outrage from this disgusting display from the media.

  • Alice House

    his brain

    • RadicalRightByBirth

      too big for his brain

  • jlar52

    nah, it a rolled up sock ,

    • plum82

      haahahahaha LMAO……..

  • Patriot

    This is the difference between Republican candidates for office and Demonrats
    How many years did this so called news outfit hide this video???
    If this had been a Republican candidate- it would immediately have flooded the airwaves
    Is Michelle going to be disgusted by this???

    • plum82

      HELL NO………..


    I’m starting to feel sorry for Moochelle, now all of her “friends” know she married a scum bag with a small pp. My crystal ball says they will separate permanently after he goes to prison for high treason.

  • wellilltellya

    Heah First Class REPORTING there ! too bad there ARE NOT lots more Important than crotch shots of barry?

  • dixon757

    I have to go with the frat boy rolled up towel trick. After

    all. if he was really hung would Michelle be so angry ll the time?

  • golfnut6

    That does not just happen unless you are 17 years old. Who supplied the stimulation? The blonde walking away. I bet that Michelle knows who did it.

  • william g munson

    Well folks here is the proof

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