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Video: 5 WikiLeaks revelations that should have ended Clinton’s campaign


With Halloween right around the corner, this election feels more and more like an episode of “The Twilight Zone” every single day. Back in 2004, Howard Dean’s presidential campaign tanked just because he made a funny noise onstage; in 2016, Hillary Clinton has gotten away with perjury and who knows what else.

Over the weekend,WikiLeaks published another trove of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s emails, bringing the total leaked communications to more than 12,000. Here are five revelations from the latest dump that should have ended Clinton’s campaign — but somehow haven’t.

  • mike74

    this tramp should be in jail I can’t believe the American people are this stupid and uninformed

    • RLTMLT

      Not everybody, only brain dead Liberal Communists. The rest of us are voting for Trump in twenty days ! In fact, my wife and I have already voted for Trump during early voting in my state, that makes us already two votes toward a victory !

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