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Hero kills ISIS terrorist with ax; frees sex slaves


sfg_sfaucWhat happens when your weapon jams during a rescue mission? Use an ax. That’s exactly what one British Special Air Service (SAS) soldier did on a recent mission to save ISIS sex slaves in Syria:

U.S. special operations forces and SAS recently teamed up to free sex slaves in Syria from the Islamic State group. The mission took an unexpected turn, which required an elite warfighter to use an ax to defend himself.


The ax-wielding SAS member had been clearing rooms when his weapon jammed. Although he killed one terrorist with his rifle, a survivor charged before he could perform “immediate action” to fix the malfunction.

The ax, his weapon of last resort during the kill-or-be-killed moment, finished the job.

Up to 30 ISIS terrorists were reportedly killed during the covert operation. The rescued “girls and their families were relocated from the village to northern Iraq where they have been welcomed and offered homes,” according to a source.


    So much for that claim that Brits are wimps on the battle field !

    • No, only in Parliament.

      • RLTMLT

        and in Washington !

  • TeeTop2

    At least he’s not a liberal Democrat and supports taking the rights of the weak who has promoted slavery in the 1800’s.

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