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Naked Hillary starts brawl on New York street


statue19n-4-webA statute of a naked Hillary Clinton erected by a New York City artist was ripped down by a mob of rabid liberals, who were “triggered” by the perceived criticism.

Artist Anthony Scioli erected the statue on a sidewalk outside a subway station, where he and the statue were pounced upon by liberals who

The New York Daily News reports:

“This is obscene!,” shrieked one liberal, who worked at the National Museum of the American Indian and would not give her full name. “To put something up like this in front of my work place…I shouldn’t have to see this.”

She apparently has never read the First Amendment.

She even burst into tears as she spoke to The New York Daily News about the horror of seeing a political expression that didn’t meet her approval.

Like the Taliban tearing down statues, insane liberals even jumped on top of the artwork and sat on it like children so the artist could not set it back up.

She was joined by a woman in a hijab, who stomped on the statue and shrieked at the artist.

Police officers with New York City’s Anti-Terrorism Unit showed up, and ordered Scioli to remove the artwork because he didn’t have a permit.

The incident comes several weeks after another artist erected a statue of a naked Donald Trump, which was cheered and celebrated by liberal activists.

  • bob breglio

    Unbelievable! A naked Donald Trump is cheered by these mentally ill liberals but a naked Hitlery is torn down. Wait until President Trump puts their heroine in prison orange!! If a person with a hijab is so outraged, maybe she should go back to whatever barbaric paradise she came from and see what happens when she does something like that over there. Muslims who think sharia is the cat’s meow need to understand that the Constitution and sharia law are incompatible. If they don’t accept the Constitution is the law of the land, they are guilty of sedition and should be prosecuted.

    • RLTMLT

      To a small degree I have to side with the Liberals, seeing even a statue of Hillary Clinton naked is something that no human being should be forced to endure ! I’m amazed that many bystanders were not immediately struck deaf, dumb, and blind !

      • Joe Toland

        I just threw up a little thinking about it…..

        • RLTMLT

          Your lucky, I filled a waste basket !

      • l2a3

        As they say “What is once seen, can not be unseen!”

        • RLTMLT

          So True !

    • Danang

      I’m throwing up can’t answer now!


    Is moochelle still proud? More than likely. Where in the heck do we find ourselves today? Naked statues of political candidates? I have this feeling of embarrassment after reading this post! I’m embarrassed to be an American. I’m at fault and so are you for how far we have devolved as a nation!

  • tetoffensive

    Thank God I didn’t see that statue. I am sure I would have gone blind.

    • 67N20 Army

      I almost did just from what I glanced at in that tiny censored picture !!!

  • Spunky

    Gotta watch those brain damaged libs – whew – so two faced

    • Emma Elsbecker

      Although I don’t agree with their policies I feel that it is a little far to call them brain damaged, we might not be able to understand their thinking but I’m sure that they go through the same process in relation to us.

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