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Gun-grabbing Hillary LIED about this landmark Supreme Court case


During the final presidential debate Wednesday night, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said she opposed the decision in the landmark District of Columbia v. Heller Supreme Court case because it overturned a D.C. anti-gun law that was designed to protect toddlers from guns.

Of course, no one thinks toddlers should have access to guns. But there’s just one problem with Clinton’s claim: the Heller case had absolutely nothing to do with toddlers.

In actuality, the Heller case was about the constitutional right of Anthony Heller, a 66-year-old police officer, to legally own and bear a personal firearm in his home. Prior to the 2008 Heller decision, the District of Columbia had effectively banned handguns by prohibiting their registration while simultaneously making it illegal to carry an unregistered handgun. The Supreme Court rightfully determined that this “total ban on handguns” was unconstitutional, and ruled that Heller had a constitutional right to own and bear and firearm in his home.

No mention of toddlers. Because the case had absolutely nothing to do with toddlers.

The Federalist’s Sean Davis puts it best:

If Clinton opposes an individual’s constitutional right to keep and bear arms to protect his or her family, she should just come out and say so instead of blatantly lying about the Supreme Court’s decision on the matter.

  • 67N20 Army

    Is there ANYONE out there that actually “LIKES” this DEMON ??? She does what comes NATURAL to her, LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE and then make up a LIE to cover ALL the LIES she just “SPEWED OUT !!!
    Hitlery wants to TAKE our weapons because it is TOO HARD to TOTALLY SUPRESS and CONTROL an ARMED population ! I call us a population because there are two “types” of people, Kings or Paupers, Masters or Slaves, Rulers or Subjects, Sovereign or Citizen, FREE or SERF!!!!
    Hillary is SICK, she is close to death but she has a LUST for POWER over the People !!! If you just do a little bit of research into her and her past,,, you will see “WHAT SHE TRULY IS !!!!!

    To vote for Hillary “Because” she is a “feMALE” is the same as Eating a Dog Turd because it “LOOKS” like a TOOTSIE ROLL !!! WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!!!


    What? Who in their right mind would EVER expect her to tell the truth about ANYTHING!!!

  • Duane A. Fisher

    She a POS Marxist that is what they do Lie & Propagandize & Demonize.

  • Patriot1955

    She is a liar and a traitor. The only people she can work with are those who give the clintons money and or expensive gifts. Crooked isn’t the right word EVIL is.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    why doesn’t any one ever tell these idiots , regulations ain’t going to stop crime , criminals don’t obay the law, they buy there guns illegaly or steal them , so what good are regulations , all your doing is punishing law biding citizens , and it’s bin said she will get the guns even if it’s by executive order, anyone with half a brain and knows anything about hillary , could sit there last night and pick out the lies , one right after another, then she wouldn’t shut up and used up most the time and trump was cut short

    • 67N20 Army

      I have a poster that has Sam Elliot dressed Western with a serious look of “REALLY”?? on his face.
      It says “SO, you think criminals will obey gun Laws??
      You`re a SPECIAL kind of STUPID, Aren’t YOU?


    Forty five years ago a prominent politician in Washington, I don’t recall his name or party affiliation, commented on the rise of women in politics; “I have no doubt that these women of today who seek election to public office would embrace the highest of standards, reject the behind the scenes wheeling and dealing, and do their best to adhere to the high standards set forth in the Constitution. But I also have no doubt that within twenty five years they will have freely surrender to the Washington environment and become just as complacent and corrupt as their male counterparts !”. Hillary has more than fulfilled the congressman’s earlier prediction !

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