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Pelosi panic: Even a winning Hillary Clinton may not serve as President


nanpelosi-300x233House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is already trying to head off presidential impeachment should Hillary Clinton win the White House.

In response to comments from congressional Republicans that, should Clinton win, they would restrain her through the Constitution’s “checks and balances,” Pelosi claimed those were super-secret code words for impeachment.

You can’t blame her for not recognizing language from the Constitution.

But while Congress should use every constitutional means to shut down a Clinton White House, she has committed documented impeachable offenses, such as mishandling classified information and conspiring to destroy evidence to obstruct justice.

She also appears to have lied under oath in her testimony in a deposition to Judicial Watch and the House Select Committee on Benghazi. She also appears to have lied in her testimony to the FBI. While she was not under oath, it is still a federal crime to lie to the FBI in any interview setting.

Will Congress do its constitutional duty to appoint a special prosecutor, gather evidence, and then proceed to impeachment and removal from office?

  • jlcham

    I hope impeachment is not necessary. GO TRUMP !!

  • cowboy bob

    Better order some striped pant suits with presidential logo. Black with Orange Stripes and Orange with Black Stripes. Size: Fat.

    • RLTMLT

      Wouldn’t being assigned as Hillary’s cell mate constitute cruel and unusual punishment ?

    • Meat Eater

      Be less expensive if they were just orange. they already have them in stock

  • Dennis B Anderson

    Wow this slime just came out of her coma acting surp-rised? The last time we heard from her she was waving paper work saying = Youre going to have to sign it to see errrr! whats in it.
    Did any of you get to vote on Obama Care? Anytime you have the governments fingers in the pie they get their cut first. That money dissapears. I dont think it very bright to double charge people who need coverage. They take that money to help the illegals and the low lifes. Yeah I would be happy if I was a dead beat and got health care for free. The middle class has paid for them all along. Our government thinks youre stupid and they are dumbing you down. Hilly wants to see Trumps tax returns well he gets audited every year.
    Hey this halloween Hillary can go to the ball as a dressed up pig. If asked she can show them the USGA stamp on her @$$.



  • John T. Koszalka

    Hey Pelosi wise up. She’s liar, and she did the crime. She will not get here foot in the White House. Trump will make sure of that.

  • MarcJ

    Hillary Clinton (the wife of that impeached disbarred felon and serial rapist Bill) gave her “testimony” on the Benghazi murder cover-up. It was on a par with her grand jury testimony in connection with “the lost paperwork” showing her criminal acts while working in her Little Rock law office. She then had declared 145 times “I don’t recall” and “I don’t remember” in the course of that 2-hour “testimony” – that’s more than once every minute. The incriminating paperwork was held by her former lover Vince Foster in his White House office; a rather flimsily arranged “suicide” of Foster (murdered by two bullets in the back of his head) was accompanied by an illegal taking by the Hilary’s agents of those papers while breaking into Foster’s WH office. Years later that paperwork was “suddenly discovered” in Hillary’s bedroom and was burned. When some mildly disapproving Republicans asked her why the administration found it necessary to lie about that Benghazi affair for several months she answered: “What does it matter now?” Well – of all those limp-fisted RINO’s there was not a single one with courage to say: “It matters because you, Madam Secretary, lied to the American people while knowing full well the truth”! Also, she had embraced the grieving family members of those dead Americans – what do you want her to do more? Otherwise the Democrats in that committee gushed repeatedly about “our best Secretary of State ever”. After all, she took the responsibility for those 4 murdered Americans – didn’t she? However, she did not find it necessary to resign her position; in other words it was just empty posturing. That Benghazi murder by some out-of-control members of the Obama-installed Libyan jihadist government has now been whitewashed forever. The purpose of that Benghazi outpost was to channel ground-to-air missiles to the Al-Qaeda led Syrian jihadist rebels (Sunnis like Obama) via Turkey. But the fact remains that the “Arab Spring” program designed by Obama to bring Sunni jihadist governments to Muslim countries was delayed there for a while. No RINO asked her this question – what was the purpose of that Benghazi outpost? What is worse is that in 2016 that criminal is the Democrat candidate in the presidential elections. And of course the final aim of that Arab Spring program instituted by our Marxist Muslim President from Kenya B. Hussein Obama is still the destruction of Israel; his “agreement” with the Iran’s Ayatollah is just another step in that direction. There is an ongoing (and ongoing) FBI investigation of Hillary’s illegal use of her private e-mail terminal in conducting official Department of State correspondence including “top secret communications”; that “investigation” will be nullified by the Obama’s FBI Director. One remembers how Obama saved his previous AG Holder from prison by such an illegal call. His new AG Lynch, being the FBI boss, will also have the chance to kill off that “investigation” – as advised by Bill Clinton’s illegal visit the other day. What did Bill promise her for a favorable ruling? A seat on the Supreme Court?

  • doug

    Hillary should go to jail now, she’s not fit to be anything, she’s NASTY!!

  • bdcorvette

    If Trump wins he will go after her; if not then we will rely on the puds in Congress to do their jobs (fat chance.)

  • Ahmed F. Hosny

    She KNOWS that Hillary is a criminal (many times over).

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