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Ted Cruz reveals White House connection to election crimes


Texas Senator Ted Cruz has the D.C. Establishment on edge this week, demanding a criminal (yes, criminal!) investigation into the proven links between the White House and recent undercover videos in which top Democrats explain how they commit mass election fraud.

ted-cruz-gun-getty-300x225In one of those videos, liberal activist Robert Creamer admits paying mentally ill people to invade Donald Trump campaign events and start fistfights.

Creamer’s group, Democracy Partners, is a major Democrat campaign supporter. Creamer is also a convicted felon, and the husband of Illinois Democrat Congresswoman Jan Schakowsy.

White House logs reveal Creamer visited the White House at least 342 times.

Forty-seven of those meetings were directly with Obama.

If he discussed or mentioned any illegal tactics in his meetings, the White House, and possibly President Obama, are complicit in those crimes.

Attempting to disrupt a campaign event isn’t just a local crime of disturbing the peace, it may be a federal civil rights violation.

Cruz could make life difficult for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama no matter the results of the presidential election. Congress has the power to appoint a special prosecutor to independently investigate crimes when they feel the FBI is too politically compromised.

Will a GOP-led Congress answer Ted Cruz’s call?

  • Richard Bagenstose

    waste of time as long as the chimp is in the white house comey will say well we found some faud , but we can’t prove they did it on perpose and the chimp will say not a smigon of corruption here

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