Another top global warming research institute turns out to be massive scam

Photo credit: YouTube

Photo credit: YouTube

Yet another “global warming” research group has been unmasked as a fraud.

The London School of Economics’ Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) was paid $11 million by the U.K. government to conduct research into “global warming.”

But instead of doing their own studies, they simply copied the work of others, which they used to apply for more government money.

One scientists whose work was stolen by the CCCEP calls it “a clear case of fraud – using deception for financial gain.”

The scam once again highlights one of the major problems with the supposed “scientific consensus” about so-called “man-made global warming.”

The bulk of studies proving “global warming” are funded by governments, who want studies showing there is a problem that can be solved by legislation.

The head of the CCCEP, Sir Nicholas Stern, is an outspoken activist for government regulations on economic freedom — in the name of “saving the earth.”

In fact, the CCCEP even states its official mission is to lobby for the environmentalist political agenda.

If the bodies conducting government-funded research are simply telling politicians what they want to hear, is there really a scientific consensus?

  • pennsyltuckian

    Most of the ‘scientific’ consensus is with non scientists or those living on government money. Global warming is just another THEORY that has yet to be proven, like evolution

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