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Trump wants probe into Clinton crony payoff to wife of FBI official

Photo credit: Youtube

Photo credit: Youtube

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump wants a formal investigation into a half-million dollars in campaign cash a top Hillary Clinton ally directed to the campaign of the wife of a top FBI official.

And if he doesn’t win the presidential race in November, a Republican-led Congress should appoint an independent prosecutor to look into the donation.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a long-time Clinton confidante, fundraiser and Democratic Party head under Bill Clinton, sent $467,500 from his state political action committee to the 2015 Virginia State Senate campaign of Democrat Jill McCabe.

McCabe was running against incumbent State Senator Dick Black, a prominent conservative. Defeating Black would have given Democrats a majority in the State Senate, so McCabe’s campaign became a priority for Virginia Democrats. Black overcame massive targeting from Virginia Democrats to win re-election.

After the campaign ended, McCabe’s husband received a promotion at work.

FBI Associate Director Andrew McCabe was promoted to Deputy Director, where has an oversight role in the probe that found Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information, but declined to press charges.

The massive support to McCabe’s wife from a top Clinton ally raises the specter of partisanship in the investigation.

Though McCabe wasn’t promoted until after the election, the contributions were made at a time when it appeared the FBI would be looking in to Clinton’s emails.

Was McAuliffe’s $467,500 contribution really an effort to capture control of the State Senate, or did he also sense a need to butter up a key FBI official?

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