Hillary Clinton, Religion

Hillary grins as campaign rally mocks God

Credit: Gage Skidmore

Credit: Gage Skidmore

Is Clinton’s new slogan “I’m With Heretic?”

Hillary Clinton grinned with approval at a New Jersey campaign event this week when the liberal activist quoting the Pledge of Allegiance intentionally left out the words “under God.”

Susan Shin Angulo, a member of the Camden County Board of Freeholders, started off by declaring “only Hillary can bring us together as one nation…”

She got out the sound “u…” before realizing she was about to say “under God.”

Angulo then skipped over those two words, moving on to stumble out the word “invisible (sic) with liberty and justice for all.”

Clinton reacted by smiling and nodding when Angulo went into verbal gymnastics to leave out “under God.”

God will not be mocked. Apparently Hillary deleted that email.

  • doug

    Let it be said, God will not be mocked!

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