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BREAKING: FBI reopens investigation into Clinton’s private server


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Halloween is right around the corner, and the FBI has given us a treat. Director James Comey alerted Congress Friday that the bureau has reopened its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server:

FBI Director James Comey wrote in a letter to top members of Congress Friday that the bureau has “learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation.”

Comey did not detail those emails, saying only that they surfaced “in connection with an unrelated case.”

He told lawmakers the investigative team briefed him on the information a day earlier, “and I agreed that the FBI should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation.”

He said the FBI could not yet assess whether the new material is significant and he could not predict how long it will take to complete “this additional work.”

Conservative members of Congress of course felt justified in the development:

“The FBI’s decision to reopen its investigation into Secretary Clinton reinforces what the House Judiciary Committee has been saying for months: the more we learn about Secretary Clinton’s use of a private email server, the clearer it becomes that she and her associates committed wrongdoing and jeopardized national security,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., said in a statement.

“Now that the FBI has reopened the matter, it must conduct the investigation with impartiality and thoroughness. The American people deserve no less and no one should be above the law.”

The presidential election is just over a week away. Will this new email change anything? Will Comey finally be convinced to pursue the charges that he should have back in July. Only time will tell.


    Encouraging but likely just another token effort by Bureaucrats in Washington that have political careers to protect !

  • John T. Koszalka

    “Those Who Live By The Sword, Will Die By The Sword.” It was just a matter of time before all these lies would catch up with the Clintons. Thank God the Good Lord is watching over our country. There is no question in my mine that these are EVIL PEOPLE, and serve only to serve themselves. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    right , comey couldn’t take the heat so now , make it look like you are going to do your job, as long as sissy boy is in the white house and his troll lynch in the doj , it’s just another stall tactic to buy more time

    • Elaine Morris

      This connection is why he backed out:
      When James Comey decided not to indict Hillary Clinton, the whole American public was shocked. Everyone expected him to charge Hillary. However, now we know the real reason why Comey didn’t charge Hillary.
      His personal and professional relationships — all undisclosed as he announced the Bureau would not prosecute Clinton — reinforce bipartisan concerns that he may have politicized the criminal probe.

      These concerns focus on millions of dollars that Comey accepted from a Clinton Foundation defense contractor, Comey’s former membership on a Clinton Foundation corporate partner’s board, and his surprising financial relationship with his brother Peter Comey, who works at the law firm that does the Clinton Foundation’s taxes.
      Comey earned $6 million in one year alone from Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin became a Clinton Foundation donor that very year.

      According to records, Lockheed Martin is also a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, which paid Bill Clinton $250,000 to deliver a speech in 2010. In 2010, Lockheed Martin won 17 approvals for private contracts from the Hillary Clinton State Department.

      In 2013, Comey became a board member, a director, and a Financial System Vulnerabilities Committee member of the London bank HSBC Holdings. When our source called the Chinatown offices of D.C. law firm DLA Piper and asked for “Peter Comey,” a receptionist immediately put him through to Comey’s direct line. But Peter Comey is not featured on the DLA Piper website. Peter Comey serves as “Senior Director of Real Estate Operations for the Americas” for DLA Piper. James Comey was not questioned about his relationship with Peter Comey in his confirmation hearing.

      DLA Piper is the firm that performed the independent audit of the Clinton Foundation in November during Clinton-World’s first big push to put the email scandal behind them. DLA Piper’s employees taken as a whole represent a major Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign donation bloc and Clinton Foundation donation base.
      DLA Piper ranks #5 on Hillary Clinton’s all-time career Top Contributors list, just ahead of Goldman Sachs. And here is another thing: Peter Comey has a mortgage on his house that is owned by his brother James Comey, the FBI director. Trickle-down corruption.

      When President Obama nominated Comey to become FBI director in 2013, Comey promised the United States Senate that he would recuse himself on all cases involving former employers. He lied. He has in fact politicized the FBI— that is supposed to support the Rule of Law.

      The FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton needs to be re-opened, Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch should recuse themselves and Congress should demand the appointment of a Special Prosecutor.
      To verify this email, you can go to google.com and type in: James Comey’s brother and the Clinton Foundation
      As you can see, Hillary is tightly connected to Comey. If you still didn’t know why Hillary wasn’t indicted, now you know!
      Let’s share this article everywhere. America deserves to know!

  • Texas Belle

    If Comey later declares there is nothing to see here, move on, he will have more mud on his face. I can’t imagine that he would allow more investigation unless he knew there was a smoking gun. He has already felt the heat of the American public and from inside his own agency.

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