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IRS scandal figure killed FBI probe of Clinton Foundation

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Concerned FBI agents demanded a criminal investigation into apparently illegal dealings by the Clinton Foundation, only to have their request killed by a Justice Department official at the heart of the illegal IRS targeting scandal.

Richard Pilger, head of the Justice Department’s “Election Crimes Branch,” shot down the FBI’s request, claiming there was no evidence to suggest any possible wrongdoing by the Clintons, The Washington Post reports.

Pilger is also at the heart of the IRS scandal into illegal targeting of Obama critics.

Emails from disgraced former IRS official Lois Lerner reveal Lerner and Pilger met in the weeks before the 2010 election, when polls made it clear Democrats would lose control of Congress.

Pilger and Lerner discussed how it could be possible to arrest Obama critics and charge them with crimes.

Pilger also illegally accepted IRS files on conservative activists.

Caught, he then refused to answer questions from Congress into his role in the scandal, at the recommendation of a criminal defense attorney.

The stunning decision is a sign of just how corrupt the Justice Department has become.

Pilger was the driving force behind the prosecution and conviction of Republican former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.

That conviction was thrown out by the U.S. Supreme Court in a unanimous decision.

The Election Crimes Branch also conspired to convict former Republican Alaska Senator Ted Stevens just a week before the 2006 election, helping hand control of the Senate to Democrats.

That conviction of a Republican was also thrown out after it was revealed Justice Department officials illegally hid evidence that Stevens was innocent.

But, somehow, Pilger can’t find anything in the Clinton Foundation’s open trade of favors to look into.

Despite illegally coordinating with the IRS to target Obama critics, illegally sharing confidential tax returns, refusing to answer a subpoena from Congress and blocking an FBI investigation, Pilger still has his job and has not been charged with a crime.

  • Marc Goldstone

    Proof positive why we all need to vote TRUMP in 8 days so that the swamp can be drained in Washington DC.


    Amid the ongoing controversy over Bill and Hillary Clinton’s foundation accepting foreign contributions in a pay-t0-play scheme, Hillary promised that should be win the election her foundation will stop accepting contributions.

    But Wikileaks latest email dumps prove she’s telling another boldfaced lie.

    From Daily Caller:

    “Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has given her word that the Clinton Foundation will cease accepting foreign donations if she is elected president. But a leaked memo reveals that Hillary’s personal preference is for the foundation to continue accepting money from foreign governments.

    Despite the Department of Justice’s best efforts to suppress investigations into the Clinton Foundation, five FBI field offices are currently investigating the nonprofit concerning pay-to-play and corruption allegations.

    Hillary indicated to staffers that her personal preference is for the foundation to continue accepting money from foreign governments, even if she gets elected president, according to a leaked memo.”

    • Kevin

      I wish people would start using more direct terminology. Instead of “pay-for-play,” why not the grammatically equivalent term, “bribery?” (of course, more people know that bribery is a felony.) Another example is using the term “lawless” to describe the Kenyan president. Why not use the term “criminal” instead? It means the same thing…

  • Lorraine E

    loretta lynch’s dept needs to be renamed the “Injustice dept.” The appointed president selected lynch, who is actually a clone of eric fast & furious, to continue ruling that unjust acts are legal. She was put her position to assure that the appointed president receives whatever he wants with her twisted far left interpretation of the law.

    • Kevin

      Not to mention the fact that Eric Holder was “only” a black guy. Loretta Stench is a “two-fer” on the “diversity scoreboard ” – being black AND female! And, she is a “team-player,” which was demonstrated by her illicit meeting with Slick Willie himself in that private plane parked on the tarmac at the Phoenix Airport. But, they only discussed their grandkids…

  • Kevin

    Loretta Stench and all the rest of her criminal cohorts at DoJ need to be sent to prison.


    Open political corruption! The progressive communist don’t believe we the people will do anything to harm their organization! MOLON LABE!

  • Dennis B Anderson

    He said, that she said that, he was fired for, that? rewind??
    She said that,he said that she has changed jobs because of that!

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