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More liberal political violence as Democrat candidate ambushes GOP opponent

Photo: WWAY-TV

Photo: WWAY-TV

A Democratic candidate running for state representative in North Carolina reportedly “cold cocked” his Republican opponent during a heated confrontation over some controversial fliers:

The scuffle between the two candidates running for state representative in North Carolina’s 46th district happened at the annual Beast Fest in Bladenboro, North Carolina. That’s when Democratic candidate Tim Benton allegedly confronted GOP candidate Brenden Jones over controversial flyers.

“Some flyers have evidently been circulating saying Mr. Benton was involved in [a white supremacy group], and he was accusing Mr. Jones of being responsible for the flyers,” Woody Hester, an eyewitness, told the Bladen Journal.

Jones denied having anything to do with the flyers and suggested the two take their conversation across the street and away from the crowd. But as the two were crossing the highway, Hester said, “Benton kept nudging him with his shoulder the whole time.”

“Benton was spewing profanity, screaming in Jones’ face saying, ‘I’m going to kick your ass by the end of the day,’” the North Carolina GOP told WNCN-TV.

According to Jones’s campaign, Benton was angry about a direct mail piece that compared him to Hillary Clinton:

Mr. Benton was completely overwhelmed with misplaced anger because he was being compared to Hillary Clinton, the presidential candidate for his very own party. His inexperience in the political workings of a campaign caused him to assault Brenden and draw even more attention to his own problems. We have ran a clean and respectful campaign concerning the issues that matter most, and Mr. Benton’s actions yesterday are completely unacceptable and uncalled for.

Jones has pressed charges against Benton. They are due in court Nov. 14.

  • KLW9008


  • doug

    Typical swamp rat, he’s a robot for the democratic party

  • Barkingdeathsquirrel

    Assault with how many witnesses?
    Why, I do believe that the demoncrap brenton should be pulled out of the race for such typical leftist “tolerance”
    How anyone would vote for him is just beyond me. Well, I know that demoncrap voters are like cultists. They believe their leaders can do no harm and are always in the right when they do ANYTHING. For example, let’s look at hitlary rotten clinton.

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