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“Avalanche of Evidence” Points Toward Indictments over Corrupt Clinton Foundation


The FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation looks like it will produce enough evidence to lead to indictments according to sources close to the investigation.

Fox News contributor Bret Baier heard from two sources that “There is an avalanche of new information coming every day,”

Also worrying for Hillary is news that her homebrew server has been breached five times by hackers attached to foreign intelligence services.

Image Source: U.S. State Department Public Domain

Image Source: U.S. State Department Public Domain


    Kudos to the FBI and James Comey for bucking election year political pressure from one political party and putting execution of the law above all else !
    It’s been pointed out that this situation is very similar to the re-election of Nixon in 1972 when their were elements in the media that were quite aware of Watergate but remained silent to avoid political disruption. Dragging this out could very well lead to a repeat of the Nixon years where Hillary’s post election indictment and resulting Impeachment would leave our system of government in disarray at a time when our economy teeters on the edge of collapse and a potential international war looms in the Middle East ! All too typical of Democrat’s quest for ultimate control regardless of the damage done to our fragile Republic !


  • Karll

    One of the reasons she was NOT indicted in July, besides the “fix” being in,
    was that there was no evidence her server was hacked.
    Now that THAT evidence exists, is it time to indict?

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