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Dem donor compares Republican blacks to Nazis


Project Veritas Action released another undercover video Wednesday, and this one may be the most difficult to stomach yet. In the footage, prominent Democratic donor Benjamin Barber compares Republican African-Americans to Nazis at a fundraiser in New York City for North Carolina U.S. Senate candidate Deborah Ross (language warning):

“Have you heard of the Sonderkommandos? Jewish guards who helped murder Jews in the camps. So there were even Jews that were helping the Nazis murder Jews! So blacks who are helping the other side are seriously fucked in the head,” Barber said. “They’re only helping the enemy who will destroy them. Maybe they think ‘if I help them we’ll get along okay; somehow I’ll save my race by working with the murderers.’”

Project Veritas Action shared the video with some black Republican voters. Needless to say they were shocked and disappointed:

“I think that Deborah Ross has shown her true colors,”  said Bishop Wooden, another black Republican in North Carolina. “If this is not a, if that…what you just showed me is not racism and condescending and basically calling blacks stupid and ignorant and saying that we are voting against our own self-interest if we support any republican [sic]. I am appalled. I am in incensed. Deborah Ross should be called to task for something like that.”

Watch the video below:

Photo: YouTube

  • Molly Reid

    Shows the mentality of liberals


    Dinesh D’Souza has been proven correct, Democrats are the true racist in this country !
    I noticed an increased Black presence at the Republican Nominating Convention this year. As Republicans, we won’t give you a chicken in every pot, but we will support your efforts to achieve true equality !

  • libby

    Let me get this right;
    If you want prosperity, equality and American born of all colors come first, you are a racist.
    If you want good paying jobs, made in the USA, lower taxes, control over our government, a good education, a smaller gape between the middle class and the rich, you are a racist.
    If you want secure borders, the eviction of illegals, fair trade deals, charging other countries for our protection, you are a racist.
    If you back an American civilian from the private sector for president your a racist.
    If you do not bow down to PC and government corruption your are a racist.
    I am a deplorable racist and I do not stand alone.

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