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Was Miley Cyrus’ George Mason University Clinton campaign spot paid for by Virginia taxpayers?


Being a conservative on campus is hard enough, at George Mason University (GMU) they have just made it even more difficult. On Saturday Oct. 22, 2016 Mason hosted celebrity Miley Cyrus on campus to promote Hillary Clinton and knock on student’s dorm doors to ensure they were voting.

While this fun, press event might have seemed harmless to some, for anyone outside of the Clinton fan base this partisan charade on campus was both distracting and disrespectful.

Image Credit; Bonnie CC by 2.0

Image Credit; Bonnie CC by 2.0

With suspicion regarding how this event handled university policies and campaign laws, Americans for Limited Government filed a Freedom of Information Act to obtain more knowledge. The information revealed that despite the media driven perception, Cyrus did not go door to door. Instead she knocked on the doors of pre-approved students led by a security team and had a photo opp with university President Angel Cabrera.

Mason administrators assisted in gathering the security team, selecting students to meet Cyrus, and coordinating the visit with the Clinton campaign. A clearly partisan event seemed more like a Mason sponsored event.

Upon discussion about the event with students on campus prior to Cyrus’s visit, students with the universities College Republicans chapter noted that this was even permissible since Ivanka Trump was expected to have a similar visit the following week. However, Trump’s visit never happened.

Cyrus gathered a crowd outside the Piedmont dorm hall to chant her songs at her as she spoke with students inside, as a Mason student myself, the charade seemed to cause a publicity nightmare certainly not exemplary of the Mason environment.

Aside from being distracting and blocking nearly all access to the Piedmont dorm, the event isolated Republican students on campus.

Harvard University’s own Crimson newspaper embarrassingly had to explain in an Oct. 2015 report, “The Elephant in the Room: Conservatives at Harvard,” that conservative students on campus often feel overwhelmed by the liberal presence of students and faculty. This isolation prevents students from working on political campaigns and silences students in classrooms.

When GMU courted Cyrus onto campus to promote the Clinton campaign, they sent a clear message about who they supported in the 2016 election. Despite student hopes of a balanced campus environment, our own President was pictured with Cyrus during her pro-Clinton campaign.

One Mason student writing for The Odyssey noted that while speaking to a police officer in the crowd watching Cyrus he told her that “they chose Piedmont 4th because many of the students who live there are affiliated with the GMU Democrats or were actively involved the Hillary campaign.”

It is not like Cyrus spoke on campus about political issues and ideas, she went into dorms and pretended to visit random students while instead speaking with known Democrats about why Clinton was the best option.

Students refusing to support Clinton in the 2016 election did not have their voices heard on campus this October, they were subjected to a fabricated press show to boost Clinton, Cyrus, and the University in a partisan manner. Instead of pursuing an open and inclusive political environment, GMU did little besides isolate political opinion on campus.

This is a guest post by Natalia Castro contributing editor at Americans for Limited Government.

    Liberals receiving a college education paid for by taxpayers while Government controlled public education eliminated all vocational training programs years ago replacing them with college preparatory classes that only benefitted 25% of the student body. Creating an upper class of well-to-do Liberals as the disposables that Hillary referred to are left to fend for themselves ! The military once provided extensive vocational training in various technical career fields for recruits, training that transferred directly to civilian firms for those completing their obligation to the military. That training has been minimized or all but eliminated as those responsibilities where transferred to the well compensated employees of various military contractors. Those in the military who did receive training have complained about being forced to do meaningless work that has nothing to do with their tax payer funded training as those jobs are given to highly paid civilian employees with the various privately owned contract firms ! A majority of the youth that, for various reasons, could not go to college are now forced to get training from private for-profit training organizations, private companies that are now experiencing multiple business failures for one reason and another leaving the students holding large debt and no diploma of completion to obtain a job ! Manufacturing entities in this country once provided an environment where average Americans could get a job and training to do that job, as their proficiency increased so did their living wage salaries. Those jobs no longer exist in this country, leaving their former employees victims of government sponsored international Trade Agreements that off shored them to low wage venues thus increasing profits for the owners !

    • Chief741A

      What you say is true – and I lived through the change. This won’t be short because my situation was just a tad convoluted. Believe me, I’m leaving out a LOT of details.

      I was drafted and sent to a Nike missile base without training. Because I had taken typing in the 9th grade, I was placed in an orderly room and ran afoul of the First Sergeant. I got shuffled around until I ended up in the generator shed where I found a home. I ended up running the base power production section – a position calling for a SSG – as an SP4.

      This was during the reign of Jimmy Carter, who gave away our nuclear armed air defense systems during the original SALT talks. It was also at precisely the same time as the last Apollo moon missions were scrapped. This was significant because my home town is Cocoa Beach, Florida – just as I was nearing the end of my conscription, my home town became populated by PhD’s pumping gas so they could make ONE.MORE.PAYMENT on the mortgage they were about to default on.

      I had a pregnant wife and an 18 month old to support and my chances of finding any work within 100 miles of Cape Canaveral were slim. I liked what I was doing and asked the Army to make me a generator mechanic permanently (I was on the books as a Clerk Typist and slotted as a Nike Hercules launcher crewman while running that generator shed). This would necessitate a reenlistment – but that was the best option I could see at the time.

      Well, my request went to the head-shed, MILPERCEN, just south of DC on the Virginia side of the Potomac, where someone with a functioning brain noticed that I had taken computer programming classes as I flunked out of FTU (known as UCF today). He called me and told me that I could be a generator mechanic if I really wanted to… but that I really wanted to become a computer programmer.

      I said I wanted to be a generator mechanic, and we went back and forth for a few minutes until he said that computer programmer came with a $10,000 reenlistment bonus. I may be a fool, but I’m not a damned fool, and I asked if the ink was dry on my orders. That bonus was about 3 years pay!!!

      Which brings me to military schools, then and now.

      I attended the Computer Science School at Ft Harrison, IN. There were 14 students in my class. We all passed, in great part because they had standards then and that class was hard to get into. I was designated an honor graduate and assigned to the Pentagon for 4 years. I was promoted twice while there, and earned an Associate’s degree from NVCC and a Bachelor’s degree from UMCP – in part because the ACE gave me an entire year of academic credit for that 2 month school. Oh – that reenlistment bonus went from $10,000 to $12,000 before I could reenlist. From there, I was assigned to the newly formed JICPAC, then located at Pearl Harbor Naval Base. During that assignment I was selected for the NCO advanced course for my specialty – required for promotion to SFC.

      Same school, same location – but everything had changed. The Army had changed their entire philosophy regarding entry level training. They let anybody enlist for any school they wanted, regardless of qualifications or aptitude. The advanced course I was taking was still done in the old way – select people who can actually pass – but the entry level school had become a magnet for cannon fodder. Anybody could sign up – but the fine print said that if you flunked out, you got sent wherever the Army needed you.

      My class started with 14 and graduated 14. The entry level class that started at the same time as my advanced course started with 60 – and the instructors were tasked with flunking at least 50% in the first month. I was told by one of my instructors that they were graduating about 20 per cycle.

      I went back to that school 2 more times, for my branch qualification course following OCS at Fort Rucker, and promoted to Warrant Officer, and to the Warrant Officer advanced course. The schoolhouse was still generating cannon fodder with the entry level computer programmer course. They were preparing to move the entire Computer Science infrastructure to Fort Gordon because the Army had moved everything computer to the Signal Corps…

      I retired as a Chief Warrant Officer 3 after 20 years – not bad for a drafted Private. But I was one of the last people trained under the Teach Them Everything philosophy. When I went in, they taught you everything you could possibly need to know about your skillset – including the theory behind nuts and bolts. When I retired, they taught you how to identify the “black box” that was malfing and order a new one from the company that made them, and God forbid you should ever want to know more than that.

      • RLTMLT

        Brings back memories ! I enlisted in 1964 and requested electronic school. I was given an aptitude test and passed with flying colors due to my interests in mechanical and electrical systems while I was growing up. Spent a year in Air Force electronics school in Biloxi, Mississippi learning basic electronics and then specializing in aircraft radio and navigation systems repair six hours a day. After school I went to Japan repairing the electronic systems on fighter jets that were flown in from Vietnam to Japan for repair. Two years later I transferred back to the states repairing air craft communication and navigation systems for a materials transport wing of the Air Force. Bailed out after 7 years as military training was a automatic pass to work for civilian aircraft contractors with military contracts that paid outstanding salaries and had outstanding benefits for the early 1970s. After 1973, and the end of the Military Draft, the services were hard pressed to get even the bottom of the barrel much less anyone who could pass a basic aptitude test for admittance to technical school. I actually got several calls from former bosses in the Air force pleading we me to reenlist !
        A couple of years before my 7 year military enlistment was up, Washington had started replacing many traditional military positions such as KP with higher paid civilian labor. Military exchanges that provided low paid soldiers, sailors, and airmen and their families significant discounts on food, clothing and various accessories were forced to raise their prices to compete with outside for-profit retail stores like Kmart and such. I don’t have to mention the ongoing devastation that continues to weaken the VA and the decimate medical care for wounded veterans. Any respect that had existed for the military that had risk their lives for endless decades to keep our country free was on it’s way out !

        • Chief741A

          hehehe – in 1964 I was attending Fort Leonard Wood Jr High in the 8th grade. My father was a CWO-4. He got sent to Viet Nam summer of 65 and decided that he had done his share (he already had hero badges from WWII (11th Regiment, 5ID) and Korea and retired. That’s how I ended up in Cocoa Beach – he got a job at the Cape and I got to attend the same school for 3 consecutive years – the only time that happened.

          Got drafted in 1971 (draft ended with 1972). After the fiasco that resulted in being sent without training (long story involving me being born in Germany) to HQ 4/65 ADA in Van Nuys, CA, I spent 72-74 at B/4/65 at Malibu. The Hercules systems were being deactivated by 74, which is when I did that “I wanna be” dance with MILPERCEN.

          Had to extend my enlistment to get that school, and then re-upped for 6 years to get that $12,000 bonus. The end of my time at JICPAC coincided with the cusp of my career – the 10 year “bail or go for 20” mark – and that was the hardest decision I ever made. I was a Specialist 6 (rank doesn’t exist anymore) with 5 years in grade, so I was up for promotion PDQ – but I was pulling in about $1,000 a month. Civilian contractors were offering me 2 and 3 times that to start if I left the service… but I was half way to 20…

          I reenlisted again, for another 6 years, and another $11,000 bonus, and got assigned to a Reserve mobilization center in Atlanta. Selected for SFC (MSGT to you Air Force types) summer of 1982. Recommended for appointment as WO by 2 generals, selected for direct appointment – and they changed the rules and sent me to OCS at Fort Rucker. I was in the 2nd class of the new program.

          Anyway, I survived the tooth brush polishing academy that was 60th Company, got assigned back into the burn before reading world of SCI with the 513th MIB… and, after a few years in Germany, I spend my last year with HQ, Special Operations Command at Ft Bragg.

          That was 25 years ago.

          I remember the exchanges being forced to raise their prices so that the bloodsuckers just outside the gate could get at the GI’s money. I wasn’t active duty when you went in… but I grew up on those bases.

          We almost served together. I was about to be sent to Biloxi to attend the USAF WWMCCS computer school when they (the Pentagon) decided to train us locally in Reston.

          How anybody who ever wore the uniform of any of our armed forces can vote Democrat after the last 8 years is beyond me.

          • RLTMLT

            “How anybody who ever wore the uniform of any of our armed forces can vote Democrat
            after the last 8 years is beyond me.”
            I’ve been asking that question for a long time ! I had considered reenlisting to get to 20 when I was asked to come back in the early seventies but my new wife was a Service Brat and she wanted no further part of service life.
            Once again the Liberals and their leaders want the military to protect their privileged life style and free ride on the taxpayers dime ! If Hillary is elected and she gets her war with Russia, I wonder what the Left is going to do when the Draft Notices start to flow. Homeland Security no longer allows free access to Canada ! However, considering the fact that this will probably be a Nuclear confrontation, nobody will be alive to send out the Draft Notices !

  • Richard Bagenstose

    well we know hillary didn’t spend her money , democrats only spend other peoples money , that’s how they get away with saying things are free , if you don’t pay for them with your hard earned money , then they are free , it’s the other sucker who gets stuck paying for it

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