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Cartoon – She Gets By


There is Hillary being towed by a compliant media class over the finish line. Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • harry

    without the MSM this discussion.with out the MSM hillary would not be running she by herself is incapable
    of doing almost anything.

  • yellowjacket2

    Our news media is precisely what we have allowed it to become. The slide to the Left began back in the late 50’s. And it went into a catastrophic tailspin in the 60;s, during the the Vietnam war. When I got back to the states I discovered that the shift to the Left was so dramatic that I could hardly believe I was returning to my America. I even had to change out of my uniform just to avoid the evil looks and the mumbled epitaphs. One hippie looking girl even spit on me. Then I turned on the news and discovered the cause. Walter Cronkite was leading the chorus of anti war, anti America, newscasters that were falling all over themselves trying to convince their listeners that America was evil, and communism was just a boogeyman cooked up by conservatives and war mongers. And I was hearing very little opposition to their diatribes. Walter Cronkite was lauded and revered by everyone. And Jane Fonda was celebrated for pulling off stunts that would have put her in front of a firing squad during WW2.
    When I had gone to college the faculty was tilted to the Left, especially in the Journalism and Education departments. But, since those weren’t my majors, we all sort of smiled and let them “do their thing.” But now I was discovering that “their thing” had migrated from the coffee shops to the front page and the TV and Radio evening news. And most of my old buddy’s, and even my little brother, had begun to sound just like one of “them.”
    But, like thousands of other returning servicemen back then, I was just glad to be home from the killing fields and ready to restart my life. So, I let it all slide to the edge of my peripheral vision and focused on what was more important to me. And, I must assume that everyone else was doing the same thing. Because now that I’m at a time in my life when my focus is on what I’m leaving for my grandchildren, to my horror, the America that I grew up in is not to be found amongst my legacy to them.
    And to my shame, when this day ends I may find that, because my generation was too busy to pay attention, we may have elected a morally bankrupt, sociopathic corrupt communist to the presidency of our nation. May G-d, and my grandchildren, forgive us if Hillary Clinton becomes our president.

    • cccarr

      well said yellow jacket……it’s the silent majority that let the country go…maybe we’ll be vindicated with a trump win

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