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It’s not over yet: Will Ryan and McConnell go down with Hillary?

Photo: Speaker.gov (Public Domain)

Photo: Speaker.gov (Public Domain)

Republicans kept their majorities in the United States Senate and House, but it may not all be good news for GOP leaders.

It appears the next Congress will have 241 Republican members, two fewer than the current body. Two seats won’t be decided in December because of Louisiana laws requiring a run-off, but Republicans are heavily favored to win.

That means if just 24 House Republicans withhold their support of Paul Ryan for Speaker, he would need to make concessions to get 218 votes. The Speaker is elected by majority vote. That blocks any Democrat from winning the post, but the reduced Republican majority gives Ryan a narrow margin for error.

In the Senate is appears Republicans will go into January with a 52-seat majority, two fewer than the current session. The seat of retiring Louisiana Republican David Vitter won’t be decided until December, but the GOP is favored to win.

One Republican senators was defeated for re-election, moderate Mark Kirk of Illinois. Another moderate, New Hampshire’s Kelly Ayotte, trails narrowly with nearly all votes counted. The losses mean the reduced Republican majority is more conservative.

That means if three Senate Republicans withhold their support, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Majority Whip John Cornyn would have to make concessions to keep their jobs, or step aside.

What could House and Senate Republicans demand in exchange for Ryan and McConnell keeping their jobs?

Spending caps that reduce the federal budget could be on the table, along with placement of Tea Party conservatives in key chairmanships and GOP leadership positions.

Conservative Republicans have more influence now than they did Monday. Will they use it?

  • MKFlyboy

    So-called leaders like Boehner, Ryan and McConnell are what caused all of the fury and outrage against the Congress in the first place. After the coronation of King Barry, they begged us for the House or they couldn’t do anything. We gave them the House in 2010. They said they still couldn’t do anything….they had to have the Senate, so we gave them the Senate in 2014 and they said they still couldn’t do anything…..they have to have the Presidency, so we gave them the Presidency. Well, they’re all out of excuses now. Ryan and McConnell had plenty of chances. It’s time for them to step aside and give those jobs to someone who keeps their promises We the People, not the lobbyists.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    they wanted the white house , they just didn’t want the man who won ,and were acting like democrats, they did the same thing with the tea party in 2010 after they won the house , they started a war on the tea party , the very people who gave them the house , term limits and investigations to see how these members of congress are making millions

  • Tom Farrell

    Ryan and McConnell are Republican in registration only. They’ve been following Obama lock step for years.

    • Kinneret

      Absolutely I love him, Gohmert is a true republican!

  • skipsart

    We need to replace them with Louie Gohmert and Rand Paul.

  • yellowjacket2

    I sure hope they’ll go down. They’ve lost all credibility and that makes them totally useless.
    They can always apply for a job at the Clinton Foundation.

  • Name

    Ryan and Mc Connell are opportunists and traitors. After Trump won, Ryan praised him, but he withheld any and all support and election funds from Trump. ZERO funds for Trump.


    i sure hope so you can also add lynch, reid, commie and a whole slew of others to the list.

  • Kinneret

    I hope so Trump must get rid of 2 Rinos the speaker and the goat of Mitch.

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