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Video: Weeping Hillary blamed Comey and Obama for loss


James Comey might want to enter the witness protection program.

Conservative author Ed Klein told Newsmax TV that Hillary Clinton “called an old friend” early Wednesday morning and weeped “inconsolably” that the FBI Director and Barack Obama are to blame for her stunning defeat:

“About 6:30 this morning she called an old friend,” he began on “The Steve Malzberg Show” in an interview. “She was crying, inconsolably.

“She couldn’t stop crying.

“Her friend said — her female friend from way, way, back — said that it was even hard to understand what she was saying, she was crying so hard.

“This is Hillary we’re talking about,” Klein said.

“Eventually,” he continued, “her friend said she could make out that she was blaming James Comey, the director of the FBI, for her loss — and this I don’t understand exactly — and the president of the United States for not doing enough.”

According to Klein’s source, Clinton felt “that the president could have stopped Comey a long time ago.” Why? “Because that’s what Bill said.”

Two words: tarmac meeting.

  • tnetcenter

    Wait until she get indicted! I’ll bet we hear about the most foul mouthed diatribe EVER!

  • bobwhite1935

    If Hillary Clinton hadn’t tied her planned POTUS to the Barack Hussein Obama presidency she may have had a chance to win also if she & Bill hadn’t been obvious crooks all their lives & all the people of the USA finally finding it to be true she would maybe had a chance to win. Al Capone was thought more favorably of by Americans than the Clinton’s were.

  • sky2cruiser

    There has been way too much emphasis on whether or not she should be indicted. If she isnʻt then sheʻs ok? OK? The big question seems to be forgotten. WHY? Why did the get her own server, destroy emails after a subpoena, and lie? Isnʻt the answer to that enough? What difference what Comey, Obama or anyone else had to say. Whatʻs the difference if she was “careless”. Whatʻs the difference if she broke the law. She DELIBERATELY tried to keep her emails from “us”. “WHY”?
    She has only herself to blame.

  • Marjorie Lee Peterson

    Well she just proved what we knew all along. The woman is demented!! She should seriously think about seeing a shrink and fast!

    • sky2cruiser

      I think she was just being herself. And she just saw her lifeʻs dream disappear. And she “lost it” from exhaustion. Twenty some odd years ago it appears she made her first deliberate move to be president. Her cheating, philandering husband was making her look the victim. Woman around the country were asking, “will she divorce him, will she stay? etc?” Well, itʻs unlikely the people of our nation would never accept a single woman as President. And for some reason, Bill was still popular. Hillary was calculating and self serving even then. She stayed married and moved to New York.

  • Anvil6

    Will she NEVER figure out that the FIRST AND ONLY person to blame for Hillary not winning the Presidency is: Hillary R. Clinton? Had she NOT used a private email server, she would NOT have had to cover up anything or lie about anything. However, IF there would have been incriminating material on that GOVERNMENT-PROVIDED server, she’d have been immediately discovered – and STILL have NO ONE TO BLAME BUT HERSELF.

  • cmi

    Good bye & good riddance to the Obama’s, the Clinton’s, Comey, Loretta Lynch, & the whole damn democratic gang of Liars & thieves that have occupied DC for the last 8 years!!!!

    • PapaLouie

      Amen. And may they play the blame game on each other forevermore, and never again be able to conspire together against our great nation.

  • elkhunt


  • Reg Dunlop

    Crying criminal Hillary Clinton lol

  • daledor

    Hillary has always had her way by conning and threatening and manipulation of others. Losing is never in her cards and failure is because of others rather than her failure to con and control others. She probably thought she had enough fraudulent ballots and other efforts to throw the votes in her favor. Would not want to work in miles of her right now. I hope she repents of evil and gets saved by Jesus, so that God can change her evil ways. Else, I hope they throw the books at her and Obama does not give her a free pass, nor Trump. I believe in mercy for the repenetant, truly repenting not conning, and full justice for the criminals that won’t change. Right now if she goes to jail it is everyone else’s fault for her getting caught. I have seen criminals that were sorry they got caught, doe not mean that they still wish that they had gotten by with crime. If a person does not change inside (which results in outward change) then they will be just as bad or worse.

  • PapaLouie

    This had to be really hard on Hillary. How would you feel if you were due to go down in the history books as the first woman President, and you got aborted right before your due date?

    • BonLovesFreedom

      Clever, PapaLouie! LOL

    • SoulSurvivor

      Well we have the right to choice !!

      On the day I counted we said we don’t want it!!


      And I love the Blobfish dude


    Everyone knows that idiot woman and she was NEVER going to be President, even Jeb would have beat her.

  • Loretta

    They always have to blame someone else for their failures. That’s why they fail I guess she thought she should be president just because of who she is. But it’s what she is that defeated her

  • Hector Soris

    Never take responsability for the trail of life’s affected by her greed and the blood shed they’ve left behind if there one promise Trump has to keep is prosecute and incarcerate that thief

  • I do not care for Hillary Clinton and find her not trustworthy but I did feel bad for her during her concession speech because clearly this was a life goal and she had worked very hard to get there. tarotworldtour.wordpress.com

    • DonOldGuy

      I certainly hope a couple of the millennials I know don’t take their failure to make their $10mil by age 30, so hard. At least Hiliarly didn’t use the opportunity to blame Bush.

  • Diana Sloan


  • Kevin

    Or, maybe Clinton’s loss can be attributed to the American People being just sick and tired of Clinton scandals, which have been never-ending ever since Slick Willie himself infested the White House…

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