Liberal mayors enlist illegals in coup against Trump

Image Source: Gage Skidmore CC 2.0

Image Source: Gage Skidmore CC 2.0

A President Donald Trump has vowed to deport between two and three million illegal aliens with violent criminal records.

But now several big liberal cities are plotting to thwart his orders, by blocking their police officers from complying with federal law and offering themselves as a hiding place for illegals under deportation orders.

“I want to assure all of our families that Chicago is and will remain a sanctuary city,” announced Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

“We are not going to sacrifice a half million people who live among us who are part of our community” said New York City mayor Bill DeBlasio, pinning the city’s number of illegals at 500,000.

They’re not backing down from their plans to actively break federal law.  In fact, they’re preparing for a legal war with the White House.

The office of Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti tells the media they “hope that no president would violate those principles, the very foundation of our nation, by taking punitive action on cities that are simply protecting the well-being of residents.”

This sets up an epic battle between liberal big cities and Congress, who could pass legislation cutting off federal funding to cities that refuse to turn over illegals under federal deportation orders.

If you live in or near a major liberal city, are you prepared for the flood of violent illegal alien criminals coming your way for “sanctuary?”

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