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Why hasn’t Hillary denounced the anti-Trump riots and violence?

Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr (cc by-sa 2.0)

Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr (cc by-sa 2.0)

If you ask a liberal, hate and sex crimes have boomed across the country since the election of Donald Trump. A Muslim female student at the University of Louisiana claimed she was attacked by two white men wearing Trump hats. A gay man was allegedly beaten on election night by Trump supporters in Santa Monica. There was a KKK rally in North Carolina in honor of Trump’s victory. Southern Illinois University students posted blackface selfies after Trump’s win.

But what do all of the above incidents have in common, besides their Trump-inspired hate? They never actually happened.

Never mind their validity, though. The mainstream media still implored Trump to comment on the hate allegedly being carried out in his name — and he firmly told everyone to “stop it.”

Meanwhile, anti-Trump riots have exploded across America. Trump supporters have legitimately been assaulted and beaten for their opinion. But there’s been no call by the media for Hillary Clinton to denounce this hate, and she remains silent:

Twitter is chock full of blue-checkmarked celebrities, journalists, and politicos calling on Trump to denounce. Denounce this. Denounce that. Denounce Trump for hiring this person. Denounce Trump for not hiring that person. Denounce, denounce, denounce.

What’s curiously missing among this deluge of denouncement demands, however, is a single demand that Hillary Clinton denounce the violent, anti-Trump protests that are being waged in her name. After all, it’s not Trump’s supporters who are tipping over cop cars, torching businesses, or beating up Trump voters. The rioters won’t listen to Trump, but they might listen to Hillary or Obama. Did Hillary Clinton make a big, public show of denouncing the violent protests raging in cities like Portland, and I just missed it? That seems to me to be the only innocent explanation for the refusal of so many of her most prominent acolytes to call on her to denounce the violence.


If the media truly care about ending the violence and reducing the temperature of the protests around the country, shouldn’t they be calling on Clinton and Obama to explicitly denounce the protesters? Shouldn’t they be calling on Clinton’s voters to put down the torches and pitchforks? Shouldn’t Hillary Clinton be forced to denounce the violent, hateful acts being perpetrated on behalf of her candidacy?

As Sean Davis concludes, “The clock is ticking, progressives. Show us what you actually stand for.” And if what you stand for is violence carried out against your ideological opponents, then by all means — please continue to stay silent.

  • Skip

    Clinton isn’t going to denounce anything, this is what she and her supporters are all about. Read Saul Alinski and you will she who her mentor is. She and her funder; George Soros, don’t give a damn what happens to our country. George Soros should be taken before a firing squad for the attempted overthrow of the US. He and Clinton are crooks.

  • Karll

    The media harps about phony claims against supposed “right wingers”,
    without checking them out, that later turn out to be LIES, but completely
    ignore the physical attacks perpetrated by leftists.

    May their ratings and circulations continue to DROP!

  • Texas Belle

    Neither Obama or Hillary will call for an end to the riots and slaying of Police Officers because they think that all the chaos is of benefit to their cause. I read that Trump called the family of the slain Office in Texas to express condolences but didn’t hear that Obama did.

    • John

      You have to know George Soros is behind all this and he belongs behind bars. His wish is to destabilize the country any way possible. I cannot believe the Jews have let him live this long. George Soros, Valarie Jarrett , Saul Alinsky and all the rest of the globalists are our enemy.

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