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You have to see this anti Trump protester absolutely lose her mind

Photo credit: Twitter, @Breaking911

Photo credit: Twitter, @Breaking911

The special snowflakes are melting!

Breaking 911 brings us this cellphone video shot by WSVN journalist Joe Roetz of an anti-Trump protester in Fort Lauderdale having an epic meltdown.

Arrested for assault after she threw water at Trump supporters, she begins screaming hysterically at officers.


Well, under the Constitution you can get an attorney.  It’s the same Constitution that says Trump won.

No, the police will not “unarrest” you if you scream loud enough.

And, yes you did do something wrong.  Assault is illegals.

They eventually pick her up and carry her off like a screaming toddler.

No word on her name or if she has been booked and released.

  • wellilltellya

    she is apparently not AWARE that AMERICA has a DEMOCRACY, and as AMERICANS we have the right to choose WHO WE WANT AS PRESIDENT! AND ALL HER SCREAMING IS not going to change who america chose! my only suggestion is you don’t like it GET OUT OF AMERICA and let us have our peace and QUIET not disrupted by those that DO NOT LIKE A DEMOCRACY and are unable to act like ADULTS with their temper tantrums? change their DIAPERS and send them to BED ?

    • shhhmycommonsenseistingling

      Actually, America is Constitutional Republic, which is why (thankfully) Hillary did NOT win the election.

  • Judgmentday

    1. Wad
    2. Panties
    3. Slammer
    4. Bye-bye

    • Vega632


  • Kevin

    I just read another Tea Party news article that claims an estimated 3 million illegal aliens voted. Assuming that there were more illegal votes for Gary Johnson than there were illegal votes for Donald Trump, that would swing the “popular vote” from around 700,000 in favor of Clinton to around 2,300,000 in favor of TRUMP, wouldn’t it???!!! see: http://www.teaparty.org/report-three-million-votes-presidential-election-cast-illegal-aliens-199670

  • Karll

    I love how she stays in her semi-fetal position as they haul her
    away like a sack of manure! LOL!

  • cmi

    Will someone please tell us, why in the HELL did they do away with “Insane Asylums”??!? We have more nuts in society than there are on the trees!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • richardwicks

      That’s Ronald Reagan’s fault. That contributed terribly to the number of homeless in the United States. I would certainly like to see that reversed.

  • Texas Belle

    Poor little girl; things did not go her way. Is this the first time she has faced disappointment?

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