Professor includes prominent conservative outlets on list of ‘fake news’ sites


redstate_logoFake news became a major problem during the tail end of the election, leading Google and Facebook to ban fake news sites from using their ad platforms. However, because we all know someone who’s fallen for a fake news story, Melissa Zimdars, an assistant professor of communication at Merrimack College in Massachusetts, put together a list of “False, misleading, clickbait-y and satirical ‘news’ sources” to help the plebeian public sort out real from fake.

There’s just one problem: Zimdars includes legitimate conservative news outlets on her list. Kira Davis writes at RedState (one of the outlets dubbed “fake” by Zimdars):

Zimdars includes conservative media giants IJReview, The Blaze, and Redstate – all organizations that provide aggregate reporting and opinion pieces. Having worked for all three organizations at one point or another, I can say with full certainty that not one is a ‘fake news’ site – or even misleading.

In fact, RedState writers go to great lengths to debunk false stories they find in the media. RedState has produced some of the top conservative talents, including former Editor-in-Chief Erick Erickson, and regularly features articles submitted by members of the House and Senate and from presidential candidates. The RedState Gathering is covered by major media, and has top caliber speakers and was even the site of the announcement of a Presidential campaign (Rick Perry.) RedState content is regularly featured in the mainstream press and has been quoted frequently by even such old-school journalism outlets as The New York Times many times this year alone.

IJReview is based in Washington D.C. and has a very strong and lucrative relationship with Facebook, even teaming up with the social media behemoth to produce one of the primary debates. Their reputation on Capitol Hill is well-known, and politicians and high-profile media personalities regularly contribute guest posts.

The Blaze provides a lot of opinion pieces some people like Zimdars might disagree with, but they most certainly do not post ‘fake news’ or even misleading headlines. MSNBC regularly produces sensational headlines that aren’t backed up by the research but funny enough; they are nowhere on this list. No mainstream liberal reporting agency is on this list.

If these are the types of sites Google and Facebook intend to block as “fake news,” then I’d rather just deal with the obviously fake and click-bait headlines on my newsfeed. But as this election has reinforced, liberals cannot deal when they don’t get their way.

  • DonOldGuy

    Somehow this is not surprising “news”. An assistant professor of a Massachusetts college, in the “communication department”. Who would have guessed? A little like being a “community organizer” in BLM.

  • Kevin

    Here’s some more examples of “Fake News:”
    “If you likes your doctor, you can keeps yo doctor,”
    “If you likes your plan, you can keeps yo plan,”
    “Why, you can save $2500 on yo medical plan premiums…”
    If that isn’t good enough, how about the New York Times, in their totally discredited story on all those women who used to work for Donald Trump, quoted as saying how badly he treated them, and then the women came out and said the Times misquoted and totally misrepresented their interviews! The so-called “journalists” in the LEFTIST media are the propaganda artists!!! And, by the way, the American People are not as stupid as that jackass idiot Jonathan Gruber thinks! (“well, of course we had to LIE to the American People (about Obamacare) – they’re too stupid …”)

  • libby

    Government own media and their fake reporting.
    Obama is a Christian.
    To wars on a credit card, higher federal minimum wage, lower taxes caused the recession.
    The wars on terrorist in the wrong countries and fifteen years for the truth to come out.
    Benghazi caused by a video tape, after our governments failed to send in more security and their order to stand down during the battle.
    ISIS is a JV group they are no threat to the US.
    Our government did not know any thing about ISIS movement before they took Iraq.
    Our government using our national security to fund rebels in Syria, the brother hood and other countries. While using a unsecured server.
    The one percent do not pay their fair share of taxes, tax laws both political parties wrote and benefit from.
    Corporate America, Americans do not qualify to work in this country, this comes after NATA, the recession and the governments funding for immigrant jobs. Americans are qualified to train these people but not to work in this country.
    Disarming Americans, Obama and democrats have signed the UN gun grab bill enforced by 192 other countries we do not hear this on our government own media. We hear back ground checks to keep tots and the mentally ill form getting guns.
    PC media lies, cover up and corruption, how they brain wash us into a one government dictatorship, wars, spending, and their laws. We need out side sources for check and balance, and free thinking.

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