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Why the Radical Left Never Learns


Many everyday citizens are perplexed as to why the Radical Left is resorting to violence to protest the outcome of a democratically held election. And I’m perplexed as to why anyone would not understand why the Radical Left is resorting to violence to protest the outcome of a democratically held election.

It’s not really all that complicated. Plain and simple, violence is a trademark of the Radical Left. Its members resort to violence whenever they’re challenged — or, worse, when a majority legitimately rejects their ideas. This is a result of their being extraordinarily disciplined in staying focused on their two main objectives — implementation of their radical agenda and complete domination over all those who oppose it.

Before going any further, I should point out that not all those on the Radical Left are cut from the same cloth. There are three main groups that comprise this dangerous, anti-liberty segment of the human race.

Image Credit: nathanmac87 CC by 2.0

Image Credit: nathanmac87 CC by 2.0

Elitists. These are the leaders of revolutions, men like Vladimir Lenin, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Mao Zedung, and Ho Chi Minh. It’s probably true that most Radical Left leaders sincerely believe, at least at the start of their climb to power, that they are acting nobly in an effort to improve the lives of the oppressed masses. But it’s equally true that all of them have one thing in common: While they claim to believe in equality, they simultaneously believe in the cognitive-dissonant proposition that some animals are more equal than others (credit George Orwell, Animal Farm).

Translation: Unlike the unwashed masses, revolutionary leaders live like royalty while their duped followers live in misery and poverty.

Low-information losers. These are the college kids, welfare professionals, and those who, for any one of a number of reasons, are angry about life in general. Whether crying in a “safe space” at Princeton or stealing cigarillos from a convenience store, they are the losers of society who can be paid, if necessary, to vent their anger for any cause drummed up by the Radical Left elites.

Rank-and-file true believers. These are everyday people who may or may not work for a living, but what they all have in common is a belief that a majority of the world’s population (or at least a majority of the Western world’s population) consists of ruthless and “greedy” people who must be restrained by morally superior folks like themselves. They can be counted on to go to the wall for their leaders whenever a call to action is put out to them.

Now, to understand the violence that the Radical Left is currently engaging in to protest Donald Trump’s victory over the Face of Evil, the first thing you should do is disregard the low-information losers. They are irrelevant because their lack of knowledge relegates them to nothing more than attack dogs who obediently obey the commands of the elites.

The rank-and-file true believers and elitists, however, have one very important thing in common: cunning. Whenever the Radical Left achieves power, its mouthpieces make it clear to all those who disagree with them that they have no interest in compromising and that they intend to implement their agenda one way or another — through legal or illegal means. And, if necessary, through the use of force.

However, when they are out of power, as they are about to be, they cunningly talk about the need for both sides to “come together,” unite, be nonpartisan, and compromise. Because they can be counted on to buy into this age-old, Radical Left tactic, people like the Bushes, John McCain, Mitt Romney, John Kasich, Paul Ryan, and the rest of their ilk are useful idiots every bit as much as are the low-information losers of the Radical Left.

To those on the Radical Left, it’s all about getting their foot in the door. Then, once in, they boldly put down a place marker and use that as the new starting point for future negotiations. It’s a very clever strategy that has paid huge dividends for the Radical Left over the past fifty years. Giving credit where credit is due, Barack Obama has been an absolute master at implementing this strategy during his two terms in office.

A lot of people also seem surprised that since the humiliating repudiation of both Hillary Clinton and, more specifically, Barack Obama’s policies by the voting public, the Radical Left has not let up on its smear and violence tactics. This should not come as a surprise to anyone, because the Radical Left has repeatedly demonstrated that it does not learn anything through experience. That’s because it has no interest in learning. Its interest is focused on achieving and maintaining power.

The Radical Left aligns with George Orwell’s character O’Brien in another of his classics, 1984, who said: “The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. … We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. … The object of power is power.”

That being the case, you can count on the Radical Left to double and triple down on its past mistakes. Notwithstanding their feigned introspection on what went wrong on the way to Hillary’s second planned coronation, the same old radical leaders will use the same old tired identity politics to drum up the same old hatred and division among voters.

Their leading lights — villainous people like Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, and Barack Obama will continue to drive the party’s already far-left agenda further leftward. They not only don’t care what the “forgotten man” outside New York and California thinks, they loathe him and rather enjoying seeing him endure ever more pain.

Thus, it’s not surprising that the Dirty Dems are now talking about making Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison leader of the Democratic National Committee. There’s nothing wrong with Ellison’s being both a black man and a Muslim. The problem is that he’s a Radical Left black man and a Radica Left Muslim. Just the fact that the Dirty Dems are considering him for the role of head of their party is a way of saying to the 60 million forgotten-man voters: “In your face.”

This while they act outraged that Trump has tabbed Steve Bannon as his chief strategist, insisting that he’s too “extreme.” Their hypocrisy takes chutzpah to a new level.

Keeping all this in mind, if you’re still celebrating Donald Trump’s big upset, I feel obliged to sober you up by reminding you yet again that 60+ million people — nearly half of all voters! — voted for a Radical Left career criminal in the most recent election. Do you really believe they are going to have a change of heart and be more civil to their opponents anytime soon?

The uncomfortable reality is that the Radical Left has no intention of backing down. America is irreversibly entrenched in a civil war that is guaranteed to become increasingly violent, and the most dangerous thing the Trump administration can do is bend over backwards to be “inclusive.” Always remember that the Dirty Dems use the inclusiveness trick to get their foot back inside the door with an eye toward regaining power.

As I said in my last article, be careful, Donald … be very, very careful. Just do a little reading on the Internet if you have any doubts about whether the Radical Left is prepared to undertake a violent civil war. Which is why I’ve said for years that the solution to the Radical Left problem is not to work with them, but to try to defeat them.

Sure, total defeat is an unrealistic expectation, but continuously working toward it is not. Harsh containment is a realistic goal, but it takes a steel resolve and an unbudgeable, no-compromise attitude to accomplish it.

This is a guest post by Robert Ringer an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

    I can’t disagree with Mr. Ringer’s assessment of Liberals and the Liberal Philosophy but, unless I totally missed it, he didn’t talk about the true power behind this movement. The wealthy Oligarchs that have long wielded their dominance, a necessary component of any political group, Liberal or Conservative, to succeed on a national level ! Billionaire George Soros has been designated as the Liberals commanding force since the late 1980s but Liberalism has been plaguing this Republic since it’s beginning. Many point to the British influence that has been lurking just below the surface ever since we declared our independence. The architects of our Civil War supporting the Southern States against Northern financial Interests in an attempt to elevate States Rights above the importance of our national unity, a battle that continues on today !

  • Richard Bagenstose

    well to all out there that want socialism , i have bin talking to a youg women in russia the last week and i sujest you talk to her to , because thing are not peachy and cream , it’s ruff, you have no idea what your wishing for

    • Robert

      Richard Bagenstose
      If you can not tell the difference between Communism and Socialism then you should really go back and complete 6th grade. Can the People in Russia call for a lack of Confidence vote and replace their leader well people in a democratic Socialist Country sure can, and nearlt all of Europe is Democratic Socialist, and all of Russia is Communist.
      The trouble with the whole thing is you try to convince people that Socialism is Communism, Canada is Democratic Socialist, and has bee almost since the country was founded.
      So in reality you really do not know what Socialism is,, yes Russia at one time called it self the United Soviet Socialist republic, but that does not mean they are Socialist that just means they call the country that If you do not believe that then you must think North Korea is a Democratic country being they call the country the Peoples Democratic Republic.
      If Socialism is so Bad then how come every Socialistic Country in Europe has been rated better than the USA in Medical Care, Education, GDP, and happiness .

      • Richard Bagenstose

        i sujest you talk to some of the people who live , there you will find out it isn’t nearly as nice as the left are making it out to be , democrats change the name of communist to socialist, to make it sound better , but in the end there is no difference , they want to control every thing you do , just like our government has bin trying to do to us for years

        • Robert

          Richard Baenstose
          I have lived there and own a house in England, I lived there as a USA Government employee.when I was in the intelligence agency.
          like i said in my last post, My 4 children chose on their own after college, they sent resume every where and the ones that had the best offers came from Europe 2 in England, 1 in Germany, 1 in Norway,which are all totally democratic Socialist,countries, and no one controls their lives but them, we are loosing about 100,000 young college educated intelligent persons every year to Socialist Countries, we are loosing at least that many more to Socialist Countries for the free college up to Master degree,. Health care is far superior to the USA health care in Socialist Countries and everyone pays the same health care premium just like Medicare in this country.http://thepatientfactor.com/canadian-health-care-information/world-health-organizations-ranking-of-the-worlds-health-systems/ now what would the WHO gain by lying about which country has the best health care.it seems shame to me that we pay the most and have for the last 40 years and get less than those that pay about 50% of what we pay.
          Education http://fairreporters.net/world/the-best-education-systems-in-the-world-in-2015/ on of the richest countries in the world and so far down on the list of top education counties.
          I am not a Liberal or Conservative, I ust del with facts like i did in the intelligence community, even then my superiors turned the facts around to suit their means.
          HAVE A GOOD DAY

  • Joe

    I will just say a little; one day,soon I hope, the rapture is going to occur. Every Christian and all children less than 12 years, the Jewish coming of age, will disappear and these mad radical people will have just what they want, a Godless nation, at least for a while. They will be able to riot, burn, loot. Rape, murder or whatever feels good to them. This will quickly turn into a hell on earth for them to enjoy just like they want. If they do turn to God it will be at a great cost. They will lose their heads as the radical muslims here enslave as many women as they can and kill as many men as they can. No one will be safe. Welcome to the new radical world when this happens.

    • Robert

      I do swear you sound just like the same people saying the same thing after WWII when they were trying to find a country for the Jews to move to. It so happened in 1855 when the Irish Catholics weer coming to this country because of the harsh conditions in Ireland. The movie the Gangs of New York was based on the Irish immigration and everyone was going to hell because they let the Catholics in, now the Protestant and Catholic’s seem to act as one.
      I do remember my Grandmother taking about the same thing when I was but a wee tot, and it was coming fast because of all.sin in the world, I do remember in those days we had to get to church early to get seat, now i can come in late and have most any seat I want.
      Your beliefs are your beliefs and I would not want to change them for anything.
      But the world is changing nd people are getting away from religions all religions

      • Joe

        Thank you so much Robert for the good wishes. My son tends to say the ssame things in a round about way sometimes and heck, I may have thought the same thing about my parents. The only difference is that “now I am older”. and that seems to make aa difference. I will attribute that to “wisdom”. I am 76 and the circle of life is becoming closer to closing. One thing I will mention to you is that if you wake up one day and a large portion of people are missing that you know to be Christians, you will know what happened. The thing I want you to remember is that you can still become a Christian and be saved IF you have not accepted the mark of the anti christ although it will mean horrible perecustion to be a Christian, but better that than spending an eternity in Hell. Now, I have told you this to give you hope. IF you accept Christ now though, if you already haven’t, tthen you can miss the coming hell on Earth. Good luck, take a chance on God. You willl not be disappointed.

        • Robert

          I remember my Grand mother who worked as nurse during the American Civil war telling me about how her Grandmother used to talk about the raptures, and I am sure people of the belief have been talking about the raptures since it was dreamed up to control people.
          HAVE A NICE DAY

      • Robert

        You might be surprised to know that Yahowah (God) is adamantly opposed to all religions (since they don’t teach his Towrah, meaning guidance, instruction, and teaching, and promote substitutes to His instructions which are spiritually worthless), and politics (gee, looking at how embittered the Leftists have become over Trump’s election, I can’t IMAGINE why… ), and militarism (deadly), and economic exploitation schemes (slavery, taxes, tribute, wealth redistribution and other thievery, counterfeiting, interest on national debt combined with income taxes, etc.) What God wants and really hopes you will do is engage in his family-oriented covenant, and become one of His spiritual children. But He also knows that for a choice to love him and engage in His Covenant to be meaningful, you also have to be free not to – love can’t be coerced, commanded, forced, etc. It isn’t love otherwise. And those who have stayed with a religion mainly or entirely because it claims to be the way to keep you out of an eternal fiery torment, relax. There are THREE possibilities for your soul, not just two. There is of course eternal life in Yahowah’s home (note that it’s a HOME, not a REWARD – the way into the HOME is to be related to the home’s owner, in this case Yahowah), commonly called Heaven. And there is also an eternal punishment for those who, in the name, character, reputation, or authority of God, make a regular, ongoing habit of deceiving or misleading others away from Yahowah’s Covenant, or deliberately preventing others from getting to know him, including by killing them. But the vast majority of souls will simply die and cease to exist. That’s the third possibility that religions don’t tell you about – you would realize that you don’t need them if you knew that. In a way, at least from God’s point of view, people getting away from religions is a good thing. Now if they could just go the rest of the way to read, understand, and engage in His Covenant…

        Robert R.

        • Robert

          I have always been at peace with my god and he has but one rule, “DO UNTO OtHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU.
          HAVE A GOOD DAY

    • Robert

      If Messrs Wynn and Power have indeed put the pieces together correctly, what Christians call “The Rapture” will actually be the ultimate fulfillment of Yom Teruah (Day of Trumpets) on the day of its observance, some year between now and 2026, the year in which they have calculated The Tribulation to begin, and it will be those who have engaged in Yahowah’s (God’s) family-oriented Covenant (numbered as “thousands” in Yahowah’s second statement carved in stone) who will be harvested out of the world and kept out of The Tribulation. Then those left behind will face a choice of trusting and relying on the ultimate human strongman (The Towrahless One, a.k.a. The Antichrist) who heads up a one-world dictatorship, apparently under the United Nations, as his Mighty One, or choosing Yahowah (God) as his Mighty One. Those who do trust and rely on Yahowah’s promises, will live with Him (spiritually), even though there will be a countless number of them who lose their heads for doing so. The hell on earth of The Tribulation gets brought to an end with Yahosha’s (commonly called “Jesus”) return on Yom Kippurym (Day of Reconciliations) in 2033, on its ultimate fulfillment, and then Sukkah on the day of its ultimate fulfillment 5 days later. Beware of “Babylon” and imitations of the sun-god worship religion that originated in Babylon, complete with celebrating the sun god supposedly impregnating “Mother Earth” on the SUNday closest to the spring equinox (Ishtar) when the sun CROSSES the equator, and then 9 months later the son of the sun god supposedly gets born on December 24 or 25. “Come out of Babylon, My people!” Otherwise, you do describe The Tribulation quite accurately.

      You can check Mr. Power’s timeline at:
      And you can read all that Mr. Wynn wrote at:

      Lots to read through, but you’ll get back many times the time you put in to closely observing, considering, and acting upon Yahowah’s Word.

      Robert R. (to distinguish from the other Robert)

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