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Immigration Skyrockets From Countries With Very Different Cultures


Since the political elites have given up any attempt to assimilate immigrants to American culture, the cultural views immigrants bring to the U.S. are of primary importance.

These immigrants will bring the cultural values and views they have to the U.S. and try to impose those views on the American polity.

Image Credit: NY - BY-SA 3.0

Image Credit: NY – BY-SA 3.0

Unsurprisingly, the biggest surge in immigration population are from countries that do not share too many of the classical American political values.

no one will be surprised that social views in traditional societies differ from those in the post-industrial West, but the degree of divergence can be striking. Immigration is surging from countries where that divergence is especially large.

For example, six of the ten countries with the highest growth of U.S. foreign born population since 2000 are Nigeria, Egypt, Iraq, India, Pakistan, and Ghana.

Using the World Values Series to test various to illustrate the differences in cultural values between the United States and the “surging” countries, the results are striking.

In the question of “When jobs are scarce, men should have more right to a job than a woman;” the U.S. answer was “yes” 5% of the time. In the six immigration surging countries, the “yes answer garnered between 49% and 84%.

More of these questions can be viewed here.

There are some factors at work which may serve to mitigate these cultural values clashes.  For example, immigrants are usually self-selected and may have cultural views closer to the mainstream in the U.S. than their home countries.  In addition, these self-selected immigrants may be more susceptible to assimilation. However,

no one knows how long and to what extent cultural differences will persistent among immigrants or the extent to which these difference will cause social friction


    No jobs for the current work force and an economy that is on the verge of collapse with over twenty Trillion in debt. The Industrial revolution ended decades ago along with the need for skilled foreign labor. Our current service economy is rapidly dragging us toward 3rd world status and College level jobs are now starting to follow our previous Blue Collar manufacturing jobs to foreign low wage economies !

  • BonLovesFreedom

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