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Cartoon: Pardon me


It was worth a shot for Hillary to try and get the pardon she needs. Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.



  • Obama can’t pardon her until she has been convicted of some thing, Hillary has to go to court first and this came from Obama own mouth when asked to pardon Snowden 🙂

    • RLTMLT

      Trump has already pardoned her, a futile attempt to reduce the Liberal riots in the streets and the ongoing attacks by the Liberal Press. Trump would be better served by taking on the Obama Administration and it’s recent presidential pardons to several convicted illegal drug users. In addition, Obama’s legal wing of his cabinet is mandating that police departments hire non-citizens to their ranks, I’m a U.S. Citizen by birth and so are my parents and 50 years ago I had to go through an FBI investigation before I could be accepted by the U.S. Air Force. Now we just throw the door open to all comers ! I’m a Trump supporter but his recent actions concern me, the election is over, he won, and now it’s time to carry out his original agenda that the voters approved in the election booth !

    • R1050

      Remember, President Ford pardoned Richard Nixon before he was charged with anything. This set a precedence that a president can pardon anyone for any perceived crimes. Obama has used the pardon procedure to pardon more people than any president in history. Most of the people pardoned were convicted of drug related crimes and I say this is because Obama has always been a druggie and believes there is nothing wrong with doing drugs.

  • libby

    Let Trump get in the White House, with his new republican administration, His new federal judges, his new attorney general. Trump likes shock and aw give him a chance to make it happen.

  • Danny Mitchell

    So true. Now crooked President Hillary is considering pardoning herself. Too bad Trump didn’t win. He would have never tried a stunt like that. Lock her up!

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