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Liberal college rips down, burns American flags

Photo: Jared Benedict/Wikimedia Commons (cc by-sa 3.0)

Photo: Jared Benedict/Wikimedia Commons (cc by-sa 3.0)

Whiney, coddled babies at Hampshire College in Massachusetts were so disrespectful of the American flag in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential election that college administrators made the decision to remove all flags from campus:

Individuals at Hampshire College were so enraged at Republican Donald Trump’s Nov. 8 victory over Hillary Clinton that its U.S. flag was stolen one night and then burned before dawn on Veterans Day.

Officials lowered a third replacement to half-staff due to claims the flag represents “racism and hatred,” but anger by military veterans and their families prompted the school to remove it entirely.

A statement on the college’s official Facebook page claims that administrators lowered the flag to half-staff so that the community could delve “deeper into the meaning of the flag and its presence on our campus.”

An angered veteran responded with exactly the meaning of the flag:

“As a veteran, it saddens me to see that the symbol of our country will no longer be flown at your institution,” added Tiffany Hersch. “So many have forgotten what the symbolism of the flag actually means. The thirteen stripes represent the original colonies that gained their independence from England. The fifty stars represent the individual states. The white represents innocence, the red represents valor and bravery, while the blue represents perseverance, vigilance, and justice. I think these are values that are instrumental in guiding the future leaders of America, and not to be carelessly discarded.”

If these children are our future, the country is doomed.

  • redhorse1969


    • ARJAY

      I understand where you are coming from, but arson IS illegal. Let’s NOT drop down to their level!!

      • wellilltellya

        so is DESECRATION of the AMERICAN FLAG ! so its OK for them to break the law but, NOT the rest of AMERICA to take ARMS again them ? throw them OUT OF AMERICA, let them see how good they have it in the land of the FREE

        • ARJAY

          What I said is that ARSON is illegal and not to stoop down to their level!!!!

          I could be wrong, but I do believe that burning the U. S. flag was determined to be a 1st Amendment protected action.

          However, the CONSEQUENCES of doing so . . . . . . AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I did NOT however say anything against taking up arms against a DOMESTIC ( OR FOREIGN) ENEMY!!!!

    • Ted Storck

      But ‘burn’ any money the state and feds are giving them, including scholarships.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Foxtrot these vermin, defund any and all Federal and State funds to this cesspool. Period

  • They should lose ALL fin. aid, ALL gov. funding for any school that would do or put up with such activities. This disgraceful. How did we go from being the home of the brave, to a breeding ground for communists?

  • John in TX

    This so definitely shows that the liberal wing of the democrats are more intolerant, more interested in power then the good of the country. The intelligencia have either forgotten or were never taught that communism governs with the same intolerance. If a professor or news reporter disagrees or questions them, they are gone.

  • John T. Koszalka

    First of all remove the all government funding from this school. Second take a look at what these students are being taught, and see if they are just wasting there time, and money to get a liberal arts degree.

  • Rick Stott

    Pretty lame excuse for not having a flag flying. They cost about $5 at Walmart.

    We intended to raise the flag again this morning, on Veteran’s Day, also out of respect. Hampshire is home to a multiplicity of perspectives and life experiences, and among us are both students and employees who have served (and currently serve) in the military. However, this morning we discovered that the flag was burned overnight and, as a result, veterans and others in out community will come to campus to find the flagpole empty. We are deeply saddened that the flag is absent and the reason for its absence.

    • leggett1

      Jail the sorry pieces of human feces. Contact your congressman and demand that federal and state funding be removed from any college or university that the idiots do this type of disrespect. I am writing my now.

  • KayO

    Send them all to China. They’ll be begging for that American flag.

    • Howard

      Good Point

  • Bud William

    What really needs to be done is rid the Coleges of all the liberals who are teaching our children. That goes for Junior and Senior High Schools also.

    • RLTMLT

      I agree with you on the military draft, it still confounds me that the draft was paused during a Republican Administration, I say paused because 18 year old males must still register, any president can still reactivate the draft if outside threats deem it necessary. Yet there is a growing group of patriotic young women who are now requesting to be allowed to enlist and fight on the front lines.
      No doubt that the government needs to get out of the education business, Liberals in Washington have essentially turned this system into one of it’s primary Marxist propaganda outlets. The other system that is now only a shadow of it’s former self is the so-called Electronic Free Media in this country that has, by FCC edict, been consolidated under a small group of wealthy special interests that freely use their unquestioned power to levy one sided attacks on their economic and political opponents !

      • Bud William

        I understand where you are coming from. Just to register for the draft is not enough. The way
        things are going these days it will be to little to late. If and when all hell breaks out, to have to
        start from scratch with a bunch of recruits won’t cut it. We need to build our military up and undue the damage caused over the last 8 years. Besides that, some military training might take some of the scum off the street corners and whip them into better citizens.

        • RLTMLT

          A Vietnam Vet, I can’t question any of your concerns ! Hard to explain the pride that a Vet feels having defended the continued existence of the most successful experiment in Democratic government the planet has ever attempted !

  • Ted Storck

    Yes, and my school, the U. of Minnesota is thinking of becoming a sanctuary college. If so, thousands of dollars I give will go somewhere else. College students are supposed to be the best of the best, but now I wonder.

    • Howard

      Not anymore , they’re a bunch of Liberal Whiners who will NEVER do like you & I did , Man Up & Sign that Blank Check .

      • Ted Storck

        Oh, the college has gotten money every year, big amount, and when I die, they are getting a lot, according to my will. too much; maybe I’ll spend it, instead.

  • wellilltellya

    THAT IS ILLEGAL, and as such those LAW BREAKERS SHOULD BE ARRESTED ! DESECRATION OF AMERICAN FLAG 18 U.S. Code ss700 in case the local authorities need the specifics on the matter of BURNING OUR FLAG those responsible should be incarcerated immediately ! and DEPORTED TO WHERE THEY DEEM a country fit for lawbreakers cause AMERICA SURE DOES NOT NEED THEIR KIND OF diversity of AMERICA

  • John

    Liberal college professors have been giving trouble and spreading propaganda since Kent State and that was during the Viet Nam war. The whole lot of them are spoiled brats and need some military service to teach them about liberty and freedom, because when you are in the military you have none!! DEFUND them if they cannot straighten up!!

  • Michael D

    An absolute outrage. Worthless spoiled children of ultra liberal parents have the oddasity to burn the flag and then question it’s relevance? Cowards all who agree, and shame on the institution.

  • PatrickJoey

    Why are ANY Americans sending their children to such colleges. It is absolutely disgraceful. If I knew that my neighbor had a child in such a university, I would shun them.

  • Original Anna

    Yes, I was just going to say, what professor is teaching anti Americanism, anti American flag, anti capitalism to the future members of the U.S. communist party either in this college or in our public schools. The very first thing the commies did when taking over a country was to go into the schools and cut the flags of the country they now were in control of into little pieces and saying to the kids “It’s such a pretty flag but it’s time is over and you can take the pieces home and burn them and tomorrow we will have a new flag representing all the people.” By the very act of having the kids burn the flag it told the kids they were in a new world now that had nothing to do with what they had been living as their country’s culture and they needed to accept the new communism and forget their former culture. That is exactly what the kids are doing in these colleges, setting up communism by destroying whatever is American and our flag is definitely American. I know there are those who disagree with me, but the first step of this socialism take over was getting rid of the Confederate flag and it worked on the stupid Americans not seeing what was really going on. Now it is in the colleges and our schools are starting to rid our classes of the American flag and replacing it with the Mexican flag or no flag at all or the LGBT flag. Total disruption and ridding the schools and elsewhere of the flag, the reminder of our cultural past and hopefully still our future. Parents need to go after firing these people who are ridding our schools and colleges and our parks and cities and towns of our flag or flags. They represent our history as a reminder of the good and bad choices we made so we don’t make the same mistakes and the American flag reminds us freedom is not free and as long as the American flag is where we can see it, it gives us hope for our future, our children’s futures.

  • cobrapilot66

    This is “Higher Education”? Defund this pack of rabid morons!

  • benghazi

    Cut off all federal money and loans.

  • Irvan

    Too bad someone didn’t burn their cloths off their backs……..the childish BASTARDS.

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