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Cartoon: Hope n’ Fear


What’s the one thing Barack Obama and the Democrats fear most about President Trump? That he succeeds. Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.



  • C M

    You conservatives are really a ball of laughs.

    • Frank W Brown

      Wassa matter with YOU, are you another CRYBABY? Get over it!

      • C M

        LOL @ Frank Brown. You Trumpanzees are a barrel of laughs

        • Frank W Brown

          And you a funny guy too, an IDIOT, but FUNNY, YOU LOST, DEAL with it or LEAVE, no-one is listening to your bullshit anymore, and you libTARDS are DONE for the foreseeable future and I CHORTLE WITH GLEE!!!

          • C M

            Keep it classy Frank. Make sure you are wearing the brown shirt under the white sheets Hehehe

        • Dennis B Anderson

          Darwins theory? Well I would hate to have to pay for a months supply of bananas for Obama family. At least Trump will share his bananas with everyone. Obama will steal yours and sell it at a discount.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    how are obomas mullas going to take over if we get a real president , after oscumbag has opened the doors wide open for them

  • Carlos Danger


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