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Sick: Rosie O’Donnell goes after Trump’s 10 year old son


Comedienne and notable liberal Rosie O’Donnell has come under a lot of fire for tweeting a video that suggests President-elect Donald Trump’s 10 year old son, Barron, is autistic:

Commenters slammed O’Donnell for attempting to diagnose a child. However, O’Donnell claimed that as a parent of autistic children she simply notices “things many [others] would miss.”

She also argued that, as the son of the president-elect, Barron is fair game:

Stay classy, Rosie.

Photo: eyecmore/Flickr (cc by-sa 2.0)

  • AUEagle

    “She also argued that, as the son of the president-elect, Barron is fair game:” Really? Except when they’re the minor children of demorat Presidents, then they’re off limits.

    • Kim David

      Kids Bullying Kids is unacceptable.
      Adults Bullying Kids is a crime!
      Rosie is a born loser!

    • surfergirl

      So true. If anyone said something like that about the Obama kids she would have been blasting them. Minor kids of Presidents no matter what party they are should be left alone.

  • C M

    So now everyone knows Barron is a tard. I thought it was OK to tell it like it is in Trump’s world. You friggin hypocrites amuse me.

    • sk_in_co

      And “now everyone knows”…because Rosie said so? Not hypocrisy but tossing out the accusation because of the source’s lack of credibility.

      • C M

        Pot meet kettle. How many millions did Donald Trump say voted illegally. How dare you Trumpsters even mention credibility.

    • Michael D

      Your as big an idiot as she is.

    • BonLovesFreedom

      C M ~ Did someone tell you it is rude to be so disrespectful, hateful, and insulting? I’m telling you now… it is rude and uncalled for. Shame on you. Your mother must be so proud of you, heh?

  • ncgal

    Rosie should be ashamed of picking on a child. That’s why kids today think bullying is okay because idiots like you put such horrible things like this out. Shame on you.

    • Kim David

      Kids bully kids… this is an Adult Bullying a Kid. Someone needs to teach Rosie some manners! Her own adopted daughter ran away. You can understand why!

  • Michael D

    As a parent of an autistic child, Rosie the moron should keep her stupid opinions to herself. You have lots of other things to work on trust me.

    • Kim David

      She’s just looking to hurt Trump & get attention for herself. Trump is a class A Family. Rosie is class Z. White Trash! Old Fat Pig!


    Not an expert in these matters, but there’s always a large number of Liberals lurking around that claim they are after reading an article in Popular Mechanics !
    He’s big for ten years old and like most ten year olds he’s probably just bored out of his frigging mind ! I know I’m way past bored with all the insensitive Liberal Pigs !

  • BonLovesFreedom

    Rosie cannot “stay classy” because she has never been classy. So what if Barron is autistic? He is still a human being with likes and dislikes, feelings and needs, talents and abilities. Barron, at 10 years old, at 3:00 in the morning, has more class than Rosie O’Donnell can ever hope to achieve.

  • C M

    It is the new world of tell it like it is right Trumpkins. Rosie told it like it is. The kid is a tard.

    • leggett1

      And Rosie is a fat, ugly pig. Even girls don’t like her.

  • Jim Bush

    This is so rude! Who really cares whether Barron is autistic or not. It is not anyone’s business. He is a child and should not have to worry about all this media stuff brought on by Rosie, who is very overweight and rather rude, two problems that can be solved unlike a condition such as autism. President Kennedy also had a sister who had mental retardation. People are born with many different types of disabilities. They are loved by their families, yet often abused by rude comments..such as Rosie has made. I think Rosie must also have a disability of her mouth and speech.. nothing comes out but rudeness! Tina Bush

  • Roy Lee

    Rosie, I thought that you would be GONE by NOW!!!

    • Kim David

      She’ is. She’s not evan a “Has Been” because she’s a “Never Was” and she’s looking for attention! Fat Pig Oinking by tweets.

  • markie R

    This is as mean as they can get! this is a young man being inundated with an election with thousands of people screaming and clapping- he is not even really aware of how huge this event is-nor should he be! it is none of anybodys business what his state of mind or health is. God bless his parents for including him and not making some sort of focus on his character or condition. God bless Barron and may he stay healthy.i really cannot stand to see and hear what these sick, deranged people do- it is beyond discraceful! (i thought children were supossed to be “off limits” ???!

  • pennsyltuckian

    Why doesn’t she go off on the pot smoking daughter of the pot smoking president?

    • Kim David

      Bill didn’t inhale. lol
      That was the greatest lie of all times!

  • Kim David

    The Mean Old, Fat Pig is also a Bully! Where are all the adults who are against kids bullying kids? This is an adult bullying a little boy 10 years old. Rosie’s adopted daughter ran away from her. Do not let her adopt another child! ROSIE IS WHAT YOU CALL WHITE TRASH!

  • libby

    Rose the liberal defect by choice says Barron has autism like this is a bad thing.
    Rose you back federal abortions, PC, Hate, rioting, a one government dictatorship, a failed government health care, sanctuary cities, high taxes, over spending, unfair trade deals, open borders, illegals and Muslim who aren’t here yet. Ill take autism in the white house over your liberal defects any time.

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