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Illegal Alien Nabbed for Sex Attacks on 12 Year Old


An illegal alien living in Pennsylvania has been arrested for suspicion of sexually assaulting a 12 year old girl over a dozen times.

Image Credit: Bensalem Township Police Department

Image Credit: Bensalem Township Police Department


The Bensalem Township Police Department said in a statement that 33-year-old Jorge Luis Ramirez, an undocumented immigrant from Honduras, sexually assaulted the girl over a dozen times.


The investigation started earlier this week when the girl’s parents reported to police their daughter was being sexually assaulted by Ramirez. Police said the girl was initially approached by Ramirez while attending services at Redemption Episcopal Church at 1101 2nd Street Pike in Southampton.


Ramirez has been charged with aggravated indecent assault of a child, indecent assault of a child, corruption of minors, and unlawful contact with a minor.

Ramirez assaulted the girl while she attended services at Redemption Episcopal Church in Southampton.

Currently, Ramirez is being held on a $1 million bond. No word if the immigration authorities have placed a detainer on Ramirez for deportation.

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