Tim Kaine

Hillary’s VP just caught in an insane lie

Photo: DonkeyHotey/Flickr (cc by 2.0)

Photo: DonkeyHotey/Flickr (cc by 2.0)

The man who would have been Vice President of the United States has just been caught in a massive lie.

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine refused to let reality get in the way of a liberal political narrative, and within hours of this week’s terrorist attack at Ohio State took to Twitter to blame the ISIS-inspired car-and-knife attack on American gun owners.

“Deeply saddened by the senseless act of gun violence at Ohio State this morning,” Kaine tweeted, in part.

But the attack was not a shooting, and Kaine took to Twitter without first confirming any facts.

The only gun used was fired by the police officer who finally arrived to put an end to the rampage, which was targeted in a “gun free zone.”

In reality the attack, carried out by a Somali refugee, was a copycat of ISIS-inspired attacks in Europe, where homegrown terrorists drove a car into a crowd of people, then used a knife to try and kill others.

But since when have gun grabbers ever told the truth about anything?

The anti-gun agenda is just one branch on the liberal philosophical tree, which is rooted in the belief that one has a duty to lie if it advances a political goal.

For liberals, the end justifies the means. If knowingly lying about a terrorist attack benefits the anti-gun agenda, then that’s the only truth to which they adhere.

  • Wildeagleone

    One had to wonder who the ignorant people are that vote these insane followers of the (Cult) Democrat party into office

    • Anvil6

      Ignorance can, POSSIBLY, be cured. Stupidity, especially when combined with arrogance, is frequently a terminal disease.


        Liberalism is a non-curable disease !!

      • Kevin

        “Stupid is as Stupid does…”

    • Curtis Harvey

      And they claim the Conservatives are ignorant and liars. Communist propaganda is based upon “The Big Lie” theory. Little lies might not be believed, but if a gigantic lie is told the people will believe that at least some of it is true. So go the Democrats.

      • Wildeagleone


    • daves

      Don’t be silly, everyone knows the ignorant voted for Mr. Trump.

      • Wildeagleone

        Evidently we are not that ignorant as Mr Trump (not Hillary) WILL BE our next President.

        • daves

          Why would that mean you aren’t ignorant?

          • Wildeagleone

            Only because I am a conservative and retired Marine and the Marine Corps only accepts men/women that have a clear understanding of common sense and love for freedom and don’t have to rely on talking points but can think for themselves.

          • daves

            I was in the Marine Corps 1980 to 1984.

          • Wildeagleone

            Then you must have been taught to lead. Why now are you a follower?

            ##2021 —1954—-1964
            Semper Fi

          • daves

            I’m the only dissenting voice here, how can that be considered following?

          • Wildeagleone

            Have s good day and enjoy your choices made. That is what is great about our country, freedom to speak out without repercussions.

            I’m through with this topic. Have a Merry Christmas and God Bless

          • daves

            Thank you. You have a Merry Christmas also.

      • Macjamm

        One thing about Trump that no one can deny, All his critics right left and the lost keep on getting proven wrong over and over again… I think the market’s businesses large and small are ALL looking forward to a real recovery not a phony government statistics and Democrat propaganda driven sputtering economy that only fools such as yourself see as a recovery, You live in a bubble, you’re doing OK so the rest of the country must be just fine, when in reality the middle class is in ruin…
        Talk about ignorant…

        • daves

          Are you having trouble finding a decent job?

          • Macjamm

            I have been very fortunate in life and I no longer have to worry about finding a job, But that doesn’t mean that I am blind, I also have lots of friends family and extended family in the US and around the world and those relationships give me a wide range of vision on the condition of the middle class from the fortunate to the truly desperate, I can’t tell you how many times people have been brought to my attention that are in need of help or people that have directly come to me for help over the past several years, people and both close and distant business associates I would of NEVER of thought would ever need help let alone ask for help, I help when I can and it breaks my heart when I can’t help.. Both Obama and Hillary are about bring the USA down not building it up. per Globalization and and phony climate concerns the USA and other developed nations MUST FALL and these efforts have been working and its been a crying shame………..
            They’ve been pissing on you and telling you its just rain.. You spread their LIES and brag about their failures as though they are triumphs !!!

          • Kevin

            If “daves” has a job in the Obama economy, one wonders just what that might be? “Global Warming” advocate? Paid legal aid for illegal aliens? Perhaps a paid protestor (i.e., rioter/looter) at Trump rallies? Yeah, there are “jobs” if your mission is to screw America!

      • Max

        I think only the ignorant would vote for a career criminal serial felon member of the criminal elite.. You GodDamnIdiot……….

        • daves

          That’s what I said.


        Are you being sarcastic or liberally/blissfully ignorant?

    • The Old One

      Do you still wonder ? They are simply imbeciles.

      • Wildeagleone

        No, the evidence is in and Jill Stein and Hillary have proven the Dem party is not joined by the smartest individuals in this country


    .. another example of a LOONY LIBERAL engaging his mouth … before he engages his brain ! (He reminds me of the “Chucky Doll” !)


    Someone better remind Tim of the old axiom ..”better to remain silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt !”

  • quickhitch

    They are willing to negotiate and give credence to regimes and organization that do not have USA’s best interest in mind, but are unwilling to work with legal and responsible US citizens.
    If Hillary and Obama would have worked with gun rights groups to promote training on safety instead of vowing to destroy those groups, she could have won the election

  • Linda Schulte

    I hate liars!!!!

  • helena10

    We dodged a bullet when this joker from Batman lost.

  • wolfpack907

    So did he just express his hatred for the gun toting cops? Is that what I’m hearing from the sick loserboy? They have given up on trying to hide their hatred for the police.

  • Free America

    Another irrelevant Democrat. They voted Pelosi in again add Schumer and Ellison who wants a State for blacks we can sit back and watch these clowns put the final nail in the DNC. They are completely tone deaf. They will be content to represent the 26% and after four years it may be less than that.

  • Irvan

    Just another example of the idiots within the demos. Nothing like getting the lime light the wrong way.

  • Fred Mitchell

    Wonder if a ball bat upside his head would be considered gun violence?

  • keepthe2nd

    Kaine probably doesn’t know the difference between a knife and a gun.

  • WVF

    Tim “Cocaine” Kaine needs mental help.

  • Kevin

    I’ve posted this before, but this is yet another example of why the idiot Left got the nickname “Knee-Jerk Liberal” back in the 1960s (or 70s?). It refers to the instinctive, non-thinking reaction that liberals display to anything that goes contrary to what makes them “feel good.” Just like when a doctor strikes your knee with that little rubber mallet to “test your reflexes” – your knee jerks up before the nerve impulse has time to reach your brain. Once the impulse gets to the spinal cord, the “reflex response” is to “jerk the knee.” In EXACTLY the same way, this idiotic fool Tim Kaine REACTED without using his brain. In fact, his immediate “reflex” was to shoot his stupid mouth off in support of the Left’s gun control agenda, without knowing the facts, because it made him “feel good about himself” to display his contemptuous hatred of privately-owned firearms. What a pathetic piece of crap! “We” (the American People who actually make this country work) really dodged a bullet when we (hopefully) flushed the Clintons down the toilet-bowl of history.

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