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Congress Recommends Criminal Charges Against Planned Parenthood. Will Trump follow through?


A bombshell has just been dropped into the lap of the Trump transition team in the form of a wide-ranging investigation and recommendation for prosecution into the tissue selling empire run by Planed Parenthood.

Image Credit: Fibonacci Blue (cc by 2.0)

Image Credit: Fibonacci Blue (cc by 2.0)

The special committee formed last year to investigate the supply chain of fetal tissue is recommending criminal prosecution for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, StemExpress, DaVinci Biosciences and Advanced Bioscience Resources, among others, Rep. Mia Love, R-Utah, said on the House floor Thursday.

The groups all appeared in highly publicized undercover videos from abortion foe David Daleiden that showed how some Planned Parenthood clinics provide biomedical companies with fetal tissue, which the companies sell to researchers.

The special committee’s mandate ends at the end of the current Congress.  The criminal referrals are part of the debate over whether to continue the panel’s activities under the new Congress.

They said their year-long investigation resulted in evidence of legal breaches by Planned Parenthood and human tissue companies, including violating medical privacy laws.

This becomes a political hot potato for incoming Attorney General Jeff Sessions who will have to decide whether to begin formal federal prosecutions of the Planned Parenthood franchises in question and take the immense political heat it will generate from the establishment elites.

  • Joe Toland

    If they broke the law they should be charged. Nobody should be above the law.

  • WVF

    Hopefully, the DOJ will prosecute these baby killers, while President Trump looks on.


    If Planned Parenthood is doing this without the approval of the primary individuals, they should be legally charged.
    Given the potential for the use of Fetal Tissue (Stem Cells) that can be used to grow replacement organs for those people who are living on borrowed time due to total organ failure, this is a major step forward for medical science and mankind ! One has to ask the all important question, why would God give us a thinking, reasoning Brain if he was opposed to mankind’s attempts to solve complex problems that improved human lives ?
    As far as those unenlightened members of the Christian Religion are concerned, we have evolved beyond the Dark Ages and it’s way past time for you to embrace the scientific reality of the 21st century ! Abortion should be the last choice and only carried out when the life of the mother is at stake. The mother’s of those infants that expectantly die at birth should be given the right to sanction the use of their dead child’s Stem Cells to save other lives, we do it all the time through organ donations !

  • Robert Pekarik

    Hopefully President Trump will follow through and help to shut down this murderous organization. Imagine just one day of Planned Parenthood being out of business will save hundreds of lives. Giving this corrupt and immoral outfit one penny of tax payer money is proof enough of how low our government has sank. We talk about how we defend and protect our citizens yet make it a law to kill the most defenseless among us. How hypocritical and evil.

  • jeannemartin

    Planned Parenthood is a criminal organization! They are muderers with no morals or values!
    They belong in jail!

  • Sheriff Trump is coming Jan 20, 2017.

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