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Here’s how liberals are plotting to sabotage General Mad Dog Mattis



President-Elect Donald Trump’s announcement he’s nominating legendary Marine General James “Mad Dog” Mattis to be his Secretary of Defense sent liberals into a foaming-at-the-mouth rage.

Mattis refuses to back down from anyone, and the enemies of the United States have no more fearsome enemy than he.

So, naturally, liberals are plotting to sabotage his nomination.

Roll Call, a prominent Capitol Hill insider newspaper, reports that left-wing groups are planning to attack Mattis as an enemy of women.

The former head of U.S. Central Command [Mattis] has said in various speeches that women may not be suited for the “intimate killing” of combat, and allowing men and women to work in close quarters would be detrimental to their success in combat zones, according to

In his remarks at the Marines’ Memorial Club in San Francisco in 2014, Mattis tried to explain his line of thinking. “The idea of putting women in there is not setting them up for success,” he said, referring to combat as an “atavistic primate world.”

“It would only be someone who never crossed the line of departure into close encounters fighting that would ever even promote such an idea,” he added, stressing that whether women can handle the physical rigor of combat is beside the point.

Democrats plan to use that to attack Mattis, in the hopes of convincing three Republican senators to oppose his nomination.

Their most likely targets are moderate-to-liberal Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski (Alaska,) Susan Collins (Maine,) and Lindsey Graham (South Carolina.)

  • scott
    • Kevin

      To which I would like to add: “Peace through Strength” – Ronald Reagan.

  • Texas Belle

    Democrats will probably protest every Trump appointment but Republicans should make sure that Trump’s wishes are followed. Since when did any Republican ever stop a Democrat appointment? They always give a Democrat President whatever he wants but Democrats do not return the favor. They can’t stand being out of power and will use any ruse to try to thwart Trump at every turn.

    • “Since when did any Republican ever stop a Democrat appointment?”
      Since any Democratic appointment was suggested, that’s when.

      Remember a certain vacancy opening up in the Supreme Court not too long ago? The Republicans STATED FOR THE RECORD that no matter who Obama wanted, they would FOR A FACT reject the name.

      I am FAR from being a Democrat/liberal (in fact my Disqus username is “Beleaguered_Conservative”). But what makes me a “beleaguered” one as opposed to a vociferous one anymore is that “we” — the Right — have stopped being decent, moral, kind, wholly truthful, supportive, charitable, or remotely Christ-like. It’s hard to boast about supporting the Party of hate these days. I long for a Reagan Resurgence rather than this Alt-Reich garbage we’re watching the [formerly] Grand Old Party turn into.


    Liberals aren’t plotting sabotage. American communist are plotting. They missed putting their final piece of the puzzle together. That is with hillary clinton as POTUS. She was going to be the beginning of the final end for the US as a Republic!

  • Kevin

    I heard someone say (and I think it was Donald Trump), that General Maddis is a lot like George Patton, and we haven’t had a general like Patton since … well, since Patton!

  • Danny S.

    At what point does the name calling stop getting any attention . There hasn’t been a republican candidate or cause that can be debated or a VOTE that the liberals can accept. It is getting really rediculous at this point. Not even Jesus is off limits to insults and name calling. No wonder the liberals continue to lose elections.

  • Irvan

    Sounds par for those liberal A$$HOLES. They wouldn’t know a good thing if it slapped them across the mouth. Too bad we can’t kick them across the ocean to Iran


    The general is right, it doesn’t matter whether Women are suited for Combat of not, the sexual distraction between two genders forced to work in close proximity under life threatening circumstances can only decrease our military’s efficiency. The gender distraction within the Corporate world has severely affected the day to day operations of many Corporations ! Ironic that Silicon Valley is the biggest example of this situation with numerous female CEOs bounced out the door with a lucrative Golden Parachute after wreaking havoc on their company’s bottom line !

    • “… the sexual distraction between two genders…”

      But how then do you explain away the fact that the majority of military rapes are still — and always have been — male-on-male, and not male-on-female?

      • RLTMLT

        “and always have been — male-on-male” is a bit of an exaggeration, one year is hardly a long term trend ! I served during Vietnam and over a seven year period, I saw only two incidents involving homosexual attacks and one individual was gone from the military the next day, the other was almost beaten to death before the military police could get to him. There are some good people in today’s all volunteer military who are there because it is the only path available to them in this rotten Liberal economy. The Left pushed through acceptance of Homosexuals in todays military to keep their queer agenda moving, the main reason why the DOD was forced to give military contractors approval to furnish contract employees, making 10 times what enlisted individuals are paid, to take over many of the positions that enlisted individuals were trained at taxpayer’s expense to perform ! An ongoing source of contention among a group who took an oath to serve and protect this country from all enemies foreign and domestic. Liberals being the most prevalent domestic enemy, but that problem has just been resolved !

        • No exaggeration — until women were allowed in the military (serving alongside men), just about 100% of enlisted rapes were necessarily male-on-male simply by virtue of there being no females.

          “I wuz in da military and I only see’d it two times.”

          Yep. Rapes are like roaches in that regard: for every one you see, there are a thousand you don’t see. The macho mindset keeps the vast majority of men (serving or not) to keep quiet about male-on-male rape. The people who wait the longest to ever report their assaults… are men who didn’t want to be seen as homosexual.

          I’m not a liberal, so I won’t waste my time “defending” them in your incorrect rant. I’ll just say that the addition of women into the military has likely not changed the frequency of rape, only the gender of the victim. And as a reminder: even WITH women integrated in with men, men are still raped at a higher rate than women. And there’s been prevalent male-on-male rape for YEARS before allowing open gays.

  • BonLovesFreedom

    Republicans need to stop being rinos! Now is the time to stick together and regain our country. Leftists are going to oppose every single thing that Mr Trump does and says. They don’t know how to do anything else but whine, stomp their feet, cry, and complain.

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