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Obama VA vows to destroy banned Christmas trees

Photo: CC0

Photo: CC0

Proving that Christmas spirit is alive and well, a grinch at the Philadelphia Department of Veterans Affairs recently threatened to throw away another employee’s Christmas tree that was found in an office common area:

The threat was made in a Tuesday email, which was marked “Importance: High,” from an employee at the Veterans Service Center at the VA regional office in Philadelphia.

“There is a Christmas tree, ornaments, and decorations in the cubicle across from Luis Stevenson’s desk (the same cubicle where the scanner is housed),” the staffer said, according to an email obtained by the Washington Examiner.

“If this belongs to you, please claim it,” the staffer wrote. “Otherwise it will be discarded on Friday, 12/02/2016.”

According to the Philadelphia Regional Office, employee Rebecca Cellucci — the grinch who sent the email — was simply trying to declutter the scanner cubicle:

“During this process, they identified a fully closed cardboard box containing a dismantled Christmas tree along with other stored holiday décor,” the office said. “An email was sent in an effort to identify the owner of the box, and it was claimed shortly thereafter by a fellow employee.”

Nevertheless, VA employees weren’t happy about the email, especially in light of all the controversies surrounding the agency:

“With veteran suicides at record highs, is this really the most pressing issue for the management at the Philly VA — one that demands a maximum effort and an all-employee, urgent email … to declare war on Christmas?” one official asked.

“I can understand if it’s a couple of weeks after Christmas, but it’s a couple of weeks before Christmas,” another official said. “The Grinch might have stolen everyone’s Christmas tree, but he never actually threatened to end its life by a certain date.”

It’s going to be a long holiday season.

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