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Privileged neighborhood uses taxpayer money to install art honoring Hillary Clinton

Credit: Paul Shortt

Credit: Paul Shortt

Georgetown is the richest, most privileged neighborhood in all of the District of Columbia, so really it only makes sense that they would use taxpayer dollars to commission artwork honoring Hillary Clinton as a “beacon of dignity and guiding light.”

This could be an article from The Onion, but alas — it’s real life:

The artwork, titled “Red, White, and Hillary Blue Diamonds,” consists of five aluminum frames illuminated by LED lights. The diamond-shaped structures are installed in three locations, where they serve “as gateways into Georgetown.”

The installations are “dedicated to former Senator Hillary Clinton, who is the beacon of dignity and guiding light, as a thank you for her strength as we move forward,” according to a placard next to the art.

The giant glowing diamonds are a part of Georgetown GLOW, an exhibition of glowing art commissioned for the holiday season by the Georgetown Business Improvement District. The exhibition was funded in part by a grant from the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities.

Mina Cheon, one of the creators of the installation, said the artwork is meant to unify, not divide:

“We wanted to light the flag, not burn it,” she said, pointing out that a majority of the diamonds glow red, while only one glows “Hillary blue.”

“If people are responding in negative ways, it is because they are responding to the time we live in and the state of America,” Cheon said.

However, it should be noted that Cheon and co-creator Gabriel Kroiz have used giant glowing diamonds to make questionable political statements before:

Cheon and Kroiz have collaborated on diamond installations in other cities. They used white diamonds in Seoul, South Korea, “to critique the cultural whiteness of modern Asian nations.” In another Seoul venue, Cheon used the diamonds to make a point about “vapid cultural objects of late capitalism.”


Some Georgetown locals have expressed displeasure with the diamonds. According to one resident, “The first evening I saw it glowing red, I thought it was a portal to Hell. It looks like a satanic pentagram.”

Well, when put like that maybe it is a fitting tribute to Clinton, after all.

  • David Lindahl

    A few aluminum tubes seems like the right tribute to Hillary…hollow, lightweight, and easily bent and going in multiple directions. Right on. You captured her essence including the Satanic pentagram.

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