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How wrong was Obama? Take Our Weekly News Quiz and Find Out


When President Obama said there were no terrorist attacks on his watch, everyone knew he was wrong. But exactly how wrong?  You’ll have to know to ace this week’s CRN news quiz.

Take your shot at our brain-busting questions all drawn from the conservative news we’ve been providing and if you get an “A” and

Image credit: kev_hickey_uk under CC 4.0

Image credit: kev_hickey_uk under CC 4.0

we’ll give you a shout out in next week’s quiz!

The following CRN readers aced our quiz last week and we send a big Congratulations to all of these patriots:

Max, Dan Rather, DennisP, William, Karl Pongracz, Randy, rmitchell, today, waste, Carol, Ken Thompson, Ken B, LarryG, boomer56, Len, Reta, Dave, Gandalf, Mammamia, Freebird, det, oldbutnotstupid, 

jerry,TFitz51, leppymac, ONLYJB1, David Fisher, frggy fran, Patriot1847, Proud American, Milton F, Paul Esnelson, robert stigler, Carol Fiore, Shiara, Mimi Frank, Ron, Drummerboy00769, Dean, TWS, meme
mouse, Roger hasselbach, Digger Dave, WhyNot, Mark, WASSUP, Christian Crusader, Richard, gringoviejoygordo, Jocarto, Kathy, BJ, Harold Showalter, janelljo, gh, Christian Crusader, taxpayer money, winner, bob, Ml, rickmattics, Blueblaster, Ronald Reagan

CRN News Quiz Dec 5-Dec 9 2016

  • kds

    More lies from the DICKTATER in CHIEF.

    • RLTMLT

      and a bleep bleep PROCRASTENATOR !

  • Dennis B Anderson

    He shood already have been = DIED – FRIED & LAYED TO DE SIDEEE


  • clem

    The soon to be ex-pres. only tells lies when his lips are moving or when he is alone or with someone.

    • jspurr01

      How does he tell lies when alone or with someone if his lips aren’t moving?

      • clem

        I.M.O. the man is incapable of telling the truth (sense you don’t like satire.)

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