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Time dubs Trump President of the Divided States of America


Time Magazine has named Donald Trump its Person of the Year, going to “the person who had the greatest influence, for better or worse, on the events of the year.”

But make no mistake, Time does not think it’s for the better. To Time managing editor Nancy Gibbs, writing “The Choice,” Trump is little more than the country’s new demagogic leader whose critics say his candidacy led to “the destruction extends to cherished norms of civility and discourse, a politics poisoned by vile streams of racism, sexism, nativism.”

Image Source: Gage Skidmore CC 2.0

Image Source: Gage Skidmore CC 2.0

Gibbs called Trump’s election a “disruption.” The cover of the magazine dubs Trump the “President of the Divided States of America.” This is a narrative that still seeks to delegitimize Trump even as it elevates him.

“For reminding America that demagoguery feeds on despair and that truth is only as powerful as the trust in those who speak it, for empowering a hidden electorate by mainstreaming its furies and live-streaming its fears, and for framing tomorrow’s political culture by demolishing yesterday’s, Donald Trump is Time’s 2016 Person of the Year,” Gibbs declares.

So, Trump is a demagogue feeding on despair who doesn’t tell the truth and has empowered a fearful and angry electorate, per Time’s Gibbs. Oh, and he’s not legitimate because he lost the popular vote and half the country voted against him. Why don’t you tell us what you really think, Ms. Gibbs?

In the meantime, 2016 was not the closest election in history — 2000 was much closer in terms of individual votes separating the two candidates in swing states of consequence. Nor was it the most divisive — 1860 left the U.S. in far worse shape as it led directly to the Civil War. More divided than ever? Pfft.

In truth, neither candidate won a majority of the popular vote — both were less than 50 percent — but it was Trump who came out on top of the electoral college with 306 electors to Clinton’s 232.

Trump won the election decisively, particularly in the Rust Belt states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, not because he was divisive, but because he did what no Republican has done in recent memory — unite conservatives, Republicans, Independents and blue-collar union households with an economic message of bringing production back to the U.S. via better trade deals that cut across traditional ideological and party lines.

But for the Trump Democrats in these states, and it would not have been a victory for the President-elect. He ran on bringing jobs back to the U.S. — for all Americans — not just Republicans.

In fact, Hillary Clinton was the candidate who ran a campaign based on division along racial and gender lines. She defined supporters of her opponent as “the basket of deplorables” and “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it,” an analysis Time’s Gibbs appears to agree with.

A day later, Clinton “regretted” her analysis of “half” of Trump supporters — what was it, more like Mitt Romney’s 47 percent? — but the only thing she likely really regrets now was that it got caught on tape and ultimately proved to be more damaging than anything Trump said about women from years ago. It was her biggest gaffe of the campaign, a ready-made excuse for the 60 million Americans who elected Trump to vote against Clinton, who clearly did not even like them, let alone want their votes.

Clinton ran overtly as the chance to elect the first female president, proudly playing “the woman card,” in her words, which she never shied away from, declaring on the campaign trail, “Deal me in!” The campaign even distributed “woman cards” on the trail to supporters. The peer pressure that was applied to females was remarkable.

If anybody is responsible for dividing the nation, one could easily make the case that it is Clinton, Democrats and the mainstream media who just spent the past 18 months warning hyperbolically that we were about to elect Adolf Hitler. Drop the meme, already, the campaign is over.

Trump ran an “America first” campaign that, by design, rose above party, race, gender or other personal identifiers. As if Americans were just data points to be categorized systematically. And, yes, he did it using plain and sometimes colorful language, something many of his supporters greatly appreciated. Trump did not worry about offending Islamist terrorists who want to blow Americans up or Mexican drug lords who want to poison our youth while making a buck or illegal aliens who broke the law to get and stay here or our so-called trading partners who tax the heck out of U.S. goods with currency devaluations and other de facto tariffs.

In other words, Trump was sticking up for Americans — all of them — against threats to the U.S. national interests, as he perceives them. That is not divisive. They may not be the priorities shared by his opponents, and that is a fair discussion that can be had.  But Trump’s critics have never sought a fair discussion, preferring fake ones where ignoring tariffs on U.S. goods present in “free trade” agreements is considered the pinnacle of economic literacy, where calling for halts to immigration from regions with high rates of Islam-motivated terrorism is “racist,” and where wanting to protect the rights of the unborn is a “sexist” attitude and not, say, a sincere belief in the sanctity of human life.

No, it is not Trump who has divided America, it is the intellectuals in the ivory towers on the left and right who insist on rule by the supposed experts, who want to flood our markets with cheap goods made from de facto slave labor overseas that U.S. producers cannot compete with, who would have the country overrun with wave upon wave of culturally unsustainable immigration and where U.S. interests must make way for global and foreign concerns.

It is the faceless bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. who believe they, and not individuals in a market deciding where to buy or to rent, should be the final arbiters of where Americans live based on income and race.

It is the ideologues of faction who define Americans by their race, religion and gender and whose electoral paths to victory depend on such division.

It is administrators who wish to regulate every aspect of the economy to restrict the consumption of resources and control the growth of the population.

It is the architects of this centrally planned global economy who shifted production, and thus jobs and growth, overseas.

For, it is they who gave rise to Donald Trump, who created the need for somebody like him to grab this arrogant, elite establishment by the collar, cast them into exile for a term or two and return the levers of power to Americans who work for a living. You know, those who only want to raise their families to live better lives than they did and who have become forgotten in this new global village.

Perhaps Trump really did disrupt that agenda. Good. It’s about time. It is the same message that is now resonating in the United Kingdom. And Italy. And France. And the other great centers of Western civilization that was not built in a day and will not go quietly into the night.

Yes, Donald Trump is the Person of the Year, but not for the reasons Time suggests. He captured the nation’s zeitgeist — the defining spirit of the age — to put country first, and to depose of this creeping pan-globalism once and for all.

Trump’s win on Nov. 8 came despite those who would pour the ashes of nation-states into the dustbin of history. It was in defiance of those who painted the caricature of Americans as mean-spirited bigots instead of the far more accurate portrait — of hardworking patriarchs and matriarchs of beautiful, growing families who truly make America great.

For, having a great country must mean having a prosperous place to raise our families. Let us reject those urging ever more discord and dependency and national disintegration and get back to that large body of work ahead of us. What could unite America more, than to put America first and do well for future generations, for our children? Ignore the noise. Donald Trump has earned his chance to bring us together — his way — by helping working Americans succeed again.

This is a guest post by Robert Romano senior editor of Americans for Limited Government.
  • Dane A Wyrick

    The best thing about time magizine is that the paper they use is really good for starting fires.
    Ever since I stopped taking in their bullshit, I’ve lost 35 lbs. Corelation ??

  • jerry1944

    geee that hurts I dont think trump will do all he said ether and i hate to agree with times . Trump has been a dem a lot longer than he has said he was a conservative . His kids are more dem and one even sounds like lib dem than that. He has made some good picks but a lot of dems in some positions But i hope he will do what he said but my doughts are strong we want . We dont have many conservative i up there to stop any dem plays he wants But there is hope he will give us conservative judges and we know killer hillary wouldnt have done even that

  • Robert

    Trump is for Trump he has never shown in his life that he was for the working people, one of the first things Trump said about the tax system was he was going to give all the rich a 23% Tax reduction including him self and was going to increase the tax on middle lass by 8% and the rest would stay about the same.
    That proves he is looking out for the working class.

    • Dennis B Anderson

      Thats not the numbers that were quoted people are a bit smarter than that Pedro. I mean Roberto. Hillary was shutting down coal here,and ear marked it for China at a discounted price. She was going to raise taxes on everybody.She even went as far as to giving away 22% of our mined uranium to Russia, and would flood our country with more ignorant illegals. They hung the Rosenburgs for giving Stalin plans for the nuclear bomb back in 1957. No one talks about it, but Abraham Lincoln was a dark horse himself. I guess you still have a supply of Obama KOOL – AID May a Iranian nuke fly up your nose!!!

      • Robert

        Dennis B Anderson
        To start with you have no idea in the real world you are still reading Conservative news that slants the story .To start with Hillary or Trump neither have the power or position to do any of the things you state, those are Congressional decisions and if you check the Federal Register on who voted for what you will find out that there were a lot of the Republicans in Congress that voted to approve any of these actions you blame on Clinton.
        As far as the uranium deal you should read the facts.http://www.politifact.com/wisconsin/statements/2016/sep/30/donald-trump/nuclear-claim-donald-trump-says-hillary-clinton-ga/
        Selling Coal to a foreign Country seems very helpful to the struggling coal industry, Electric Generation is the only thing that is keeping the coal industry going in this country, and they are slowly converting to natural gas and solar, so Clinton even though she had no say in exports was doing you a favor.
        Clinton can not raise taxes any more than Trump can cut them, again that is exclusively Congress’s job..
        Here is the fact proposal for Clinton’s proposed tax plan, and it is far different than what you say.

        A education would be a good place FOR YOU to start.
        HAVE A GOOD DAY.

        • Chief741A

          You lost, Bobby-Poo, and you still can’t figure out why.

          Have a sparkly day, Snowflake.

          • Robert

            I have never truly lost anything except friends and family though death.
            I do my research about everything before I make a move, that could be why I am the 17th richest person in my state,
            The BS spread by you and other on this sight is just unimaginable, just for the sake of stirring the pot, when you know even before you put it on that it is not true.
            Just keep on putting it out there and i will keep on counteracting it with the truth
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • Chief741A

            The “17th richest person in my state” can’t even tell the difference between “sight” and “site”. Oh, yeah, I’m buying that one!!!

            Have a sparkly day, Snowflake.

        • Dennis B Anderson

          Well being the brainiac you are you might have noticed the live feed when Clinton said she was raising the rich & middle classes taxes the croud clapped for everything that day! Trump is lowering them. Selling coal to China when there is no alternative yet for the poor people in the Appalachians Kentucky / Virginia for electricity. I would think it would rub me the wrong way especially if I were digging that coal. Hey Im still curious where the electric cars are that Sylandra were supposed to be making in Finland? It was the green thing to do, and by all means dont build them here in america It might give someone a job. Hey there ole sport didnt they cut the ribbon and close the same day? Yeah they did and the culprits dissapeared with the money we tax payers got stuck for. Someone most definetly had an Obama green day. I replaced the gas generator in my motor home for a DC / AC converter I run everything 2 days on my battery supply. It then automatically shuts off. All I do is run the motor home down the road. I have in mind a Chevrolet Volt I will run strictly on the electric motor . The only thing I have to change is drivers. No one wants the idea because theres no money in it. By the way a fart smeller like yourself probably knows when and where Nicolai Tesla died. What happened to all his designs? Yeah how does one broker uranium out of another country to ones foundation so no one can see the books. Well that was conciderate, you mean Ill find out how a dirt bag sells uranium to our enemies through Forbes?
          About my education? I graduated high school at the age of 15 1/2 then went on to college for Business Administration. I havent really worked in 15 years! I have always worked for myself I own a retirement mobile home park on the southern coast of Oregon, and acreage in Alaska. I have my own air strip. I wont say I know what transpired that one woman could sell us out, and get away with it? This news doesnt even make a ripple when she very well has made it possible for New York – New York to glow in the dark. Oh for fun I turned a 4 DR PT Cruiser into a verticle 2 DR mini panel truck. Solid metal hatch door. Tilt front end. 39 chev egg shaped head light assys.for
          the front fenders. I frenched them in. 1951 panel truck tail light assys the same for the rear! .No door handles electric locks. Home made crome molly octogon front end nurf bars. Home made running boards. Interior is maple burl with 2 tvs. To much to list I bought the car and my profit will be in the $15,000.00 range when I get tired of it. Its a 300 HP turbo / dual exhaust 5 sp. The speedometer goes to 160 MPH and it will do it.
          In all my rooms I designed & welded brackets that allow me to suspend my large flat screen tvs from the ceiling out of the way. Works great in the master bedroom you can walk around it with no problem getting into the closets. If the world went away tomorrow I would survive. I build things Trump and I have alot in common. Its amazing Obama & Hillary have torn down our country for 8 years.Nothing good has come out his presidency? His legacy will be poster boy for opiate Stool Softener Manufactures. Trump isnt even president and hes already done more things that are in a possitive light than Obama has tried to do on purpose I have been told that I have a recitivous nature, but whats true is that I have always been pugnacious. I grew up on the streets of Compton California
          by the grace of god Im still here. Lets give Trump a chance I like whats going on. I hear Thomas Edison every once in a while saying what is success? Its 99% perspiration, and 1 % inspiration. The fact is there never was such a thing as a free lunch. If you want to rise above your station you have to do it yourself.

          • Robert

            Dennis B Anderson
            Here is Clinton proposal as evaluated by the tax policy center. http://www.taxpolicycenter.org/publications/analysis-hillary-clintons-tax-proposals/full

            Trumps policy by the same people is right here.

            Now with less money coming in how is the Government going to pay the bills, just like you at work getting a pay cut, when you already have obligations.

            You speak of the persons digging coal, how long has teh USA been trying to get away from using coal, long before anything was said about global warming, I remember in 1950s Cities wanted to get rid of coal usage because of the smog and atmosphere pollution, so why have these persons not reeducated themselves into another trade.

            Look at all the person who built and used manual typewriters before Computers put them out of Business, and the Whalers when whale oil was the only thing and certain parts of the whale would make you rich for perfume.

            Some in depth checking will show you that the oil industry was a major cause of Sylandra never making it to opening, same thing happened to the Tucker Automobile when the three major players caused Tucker to never open shop

            When Tesla died General Electric made sure through their political connections that his work would never surface, because it was a threat to their lively hood.

            The uranium deal you speak of was multi business deal and Congress had no problems with it at the time, in fact the Company was a Canadian Company, not American, and no uranium can be exported from this country with out Congressional approval

            My education Graduated High school went into college and on graduation i went into the USAF with a Masters in EE, I was sent to the Philippines, Clark AFB, and the next thing i know I was in Thailand supporting the bombing of Vietnam before we even entered the place officially, then I was approached about joining the Intelligence community, which I did and stayed for 26 years total,retiring when i was on the list of person for selection to General, after retirement I proceeded into a business venture i had invested in 6 years earlier, When we sold the Business in 1996 we hd 700 employees in 3 locations, my part of the sell out was over $93 million and since then I did a lot of traveling and have fished all over the world, right now at 80 years old i am playing with robotic and CNC projects.
            I would never associate my self with Trump my family still lives in Trump town, why do you think trump did not carry New York, because he is more crook than you think, it was amazing to all my family and friends that all the Crap Trump has one that ended him up in court and most times he lost was never brought up in the election.
            Would you not think that anyone wi8th trumps influence would have carried his own city.
            Rising above the horizons is not possible fro everyone, just like a building the lowest part of the building is what holds it all together, and it is the same in life, if you do not take care of who made you in the upper rings then you should not be there..
            Trump like Obama will only do what Congress tells him he can do, the President no matter who he is can suggest anything he wants but Congress has to approve it. The President has no powers.
            Trumps cabinet nominations is loaded with biased person, his pick for Secretary of Defense Mad Dog is a war monger, that is exactly why the Constitution says that the person has to come from civilian life, I knew about Mad Dog years ago and he has had several verbal bring downs because of his attitude.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY


          • Dennis B Anderson

            Yes my good man the perfume was called ambergris, and it was an amiable endeavor at the time. Then comes Rockefeller, and Carnagies shiny new rails. So much for whale lamps now theres piped in gas lights, and oil they wanted to bury Edison, Tesla built his dynamos for him at Niagra Falls alternating current. He got burned for his trouble like Tucker did. My point is these guys used there own money, the oil companies wanted to manipulate the american people then and still do. Not alot of people know this but Nicolai had his electrical machine that could knock out of the sky planes.25 miles away.After contemplating the situation Truman chose to use the atom bomb in August & September 1945. I think Tesla was born in 1856 in Austria. The town he was born in he gave the town free electricity. He died alone broke, and in New York in1943 a man incomplete!
            We could have won world war 11 with less damage that would still stimy the entire world today? China with the clean air act has 30 years to comply. Have you seen the people in the industrial cities in China they are all dying of lung deseases. Walking around with face masks. Our coal is 35 % more pure than any coal around the world. If youre going to cut out coal burning electrical plants dont you think there should be something to replace the electrical power with? You know the findings on global warming NOAA did were made to comply with Al Gores global warming narrative. I just put in new thermal windows in a house I just bought. I got 50% rebate money back from the state for installing the thermal double pane windows. There should be an incentive like this to get people to change over. Theres a couple of thing that has always been a waste that the state laws should have moved on at least 15 years ago. Theres nothing wrong with a solar powered hot water tank. Now what I have done to my rentals is that I have installed instantanious inline hot water heaters. I have fast flush TOTO toilets it should be against the law to have nothing less. Think about the water thats wasted trying to get the temperature you need for a shower, or to shave? Think about the water it takes you to flush! Here is manufacture work for alot of people, but its got to be tested.
            I am ahead of my time I also have one of these inline hot water heaters in my motor home.I will never run out of hot water again. Going down the road or setting, besides food the only 2 other things I require is a sewerage dump and a water supply. A perfect rig to live in the woods with. Maybe I gave you some ideas that will save you some money. Merry Christmas to us and thank god hes giving us another chance.

          • Robert

            Dennis B Anderson
            The state paid for most of my solar system, and in the summer I got over $300 back from the electric company every month, and so far this cold season the most my electric bill has been is $90 and i live in the North East, house is 4200 sq ft and climate controlled. MY investment was $12,600 and i have recovered that and more since we went on line, here the electric companies have to pay anyone with solar panels the same price they charge for the electricity, my hobby work mate has about the same size house and he pays up to $400 monthly year round. The only thing that goes in my septic system is from the toilet I have a water recycling system and then I use it to water my plants and yard. I like you dream all kinds of stuff up to make and build,Just finished a CNC wood carving machine, I can takee a picture of you and put it in my computer in black and white put a piece of wood in there that is the size of your head and turn it on and after about 3 hours I have an exact statue of your head with even wiskers if you have not shaved
            Well i m off to see my lady friend for a while.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            Woahhh? Now theres a christmas gift! Book end stays both looking the same.Keep em flyin.

  • Bud William

    Hey there Nancy Gibbs, who do you think really started the “Great Divide”? Dufus

  • Robert Pohlman

    Don’t blame Hillary, blame Obama. So many Americans felt left out during Obama’s tenure. Think about all of Obama’s initiatives that were focused only on blacks, or on low income individuals. There seemed to be nothing for the majority of Americans to call their own that was actually supported by Obama. Many Americans still think our national debt weighs down on our children’s children; many of us still think Obamacare was wrong to mandate and charge young healthy people more to support low income individuals especially when these young people were first starting out in life; many of us still believe in Reaganomics that worked so well in the’80’s; and many of us still believe in the US Constitution. The Times is owned and run by whom…


    Many of us were Dems at one time before the party sold out average Americans to gain access to those special interest funders that would provide them with the massive amounts of money required to participate in today’s Billion Dollar Elections ! It has literally become a Pay to Play system ! I supported Trump mainly because he was an outsider that promised to get the Liberal Nanny Government out of our daily lives !

  • outlawdealer

    The divisiveness is being caused by liberal idiots that have the ear of the dumbocrats. Like magazine and newspaper editors!

  • jeannemartin

    The Divided United States is the sole work of Barack Obama!
    He is a racist, bigot who hates our country and anyone in it who dares to think differently that he!
    That is why America came together and elected
    Donald Trump.
    Obama will always be known as the divider!
    Trump will be our unifier!! 🇺🇸💕

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