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Union Bosses Back Muslim for DNC Chair


The boss of the nation’s largest labor union threw his support behind the nation’s highest ranking Muslim politician Keith Ellison to be the next head of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Image Credit: Michaela McNichol, Library of Congress CC by 2.0

Image Credit: Michaela McNichol, Library of Congress CC by 2.0

“He is a proven leader who will focus on year-round grassroots organizing to deliver for working families across America. Under his leadership, the Democratic Party will embody the values that our members stand for every day,” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said Thursday about the Minnesota Democrat.

Having the support of the millions in forced union dues provided by Trumka is a huge boost to Ellison’s campaign.  It may be enough to overcome Ellison’s record of anti-Israel demagoguery.

Last week, the Anti-Defamation League said it opposed him, citing comments in past speeches critical of Israel. In a 2010 speech, Ellison, who is Muslim, said, “The United States foreign policy in the Middle East is governed by what is good or bad through a country of 7 million people.” The ADL called the comments “both deeply disturbing and disqualifying.”

Ellison is seen as a proxy for forces loyal to Vermont Socialist Bernie Sanders. Along with the AFL-CIO labor bosses endorsement, Ellison garnered the backing of Democracy for America.

The liberal activist group Democracy for America on Tuesday endorsed Rep. Keith Ellison for Democratic National Committee chairman.

The organization is affiliated with former DNC Chairman Howard Dean, who recently dropped his bid for his old job, and its endorsement of the Minnesota congressman could prove significant. In 2005, when Dean ran for and won the post, Democracy for America threw its weight behind Dean, a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004.

Ellison is opposed by Labor Secretary Thomas Perez who jumped into the race this week.

Perez is considered President Obama’s stalking horse in the race but some believe Obama doesn’t care enough about the DNC chair to make a fight of it.

But one Democratic insider and DNC veteran cautioned against viewing Perez as Obama’s candidate in the race. The president never took much of an interest in the DNC, preferring to run his campaigns and outside activism through his own grassroots organization, Organizing for America.

Obama’s sudden interest in the DNC would be new.

“If he really cared he would have installed someone other than Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz [D-Fla.] and he would have had a pick for chair to back sooner,” this Democratic operative said, on condition of anonymity because he did not want to publicly criticize Obama.

An Ellison victory would make him a high profile political figure and signify a sharp left turn to future Democratic Party politics.

  • Ahmed F. Hosny

    Did someone tell him that the Germans did not attack Pearl Harbour?


    The Koran says convert or die. Muslims have killed millions of Christians in the Middle East because they would not convert.
    The Koran should not be allowed in the United States.
    He should be required to disavow the Koran.
    Will Casey Purvis


    One Muslim Democrat departing in a few weeks and another taking the top position in the Democrat Party, it appears that the Democrat Party has finally found a questionable replacement for the all but extinct Clinton regime.I predict a repeat of 1968 when the Democrat South crossed the isle in mass to join with the Republican Party. With the exception of Carter’s one term in office that was the direct result of Watergate, no Democrats saw the White House for the next 20 years !

  • WVF

    Naturally, union bosses would support a Muslim insurrectionist. Unions have become hot-beds of communism.

  • Karll

    I think muslim, radical leftist and racist Keith Ellison is perfect to
    head the dnc, particularly with pelosi and schumer in charge of
    their party in Congress.


  • Free America

    Go DNC. Add this to Obama’s greatest accomplishment…..Built the strongest Republican Party ever!

  • Irvan

    That is about PAR FOR THE COURSE of those idiotic democrats. Nothing like putting the fox in charge of the hen house.

  • I could not read this entire article, I was to busy throwing up!! Any muslim in any office in any part of our government is too many!! If the union bosses want a muslim in that position, THEY SUCK!!

  • yellowjacket2

    Once again the Democrats have opened their kimono and exposed the ugliness that they hide beneath. The staunch support of the unions that the Democrats are so proud of comes at a price. And that price is a total betrayal of the constitutional Republic of America that the Democrats claim to love. But that price has never seemed to bother the Progressives. Could that be because the Democrats have found that they, and the union bosses, have a common cause and a common goal. A totalitarian dictatorship in which we the people become we the slaves. Wake up America. The Democrat party of the 40’s and 50’s is long dead. And the monster that has replaced them needs to be expunged from our land.

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