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Video: The media plays the blame game


Donald Trump is set to take office in 37 days, and the mainstream media still can’t accept the fact that Hillary Clinton lost fair and square thanks to her own shortcomings. From the Electoral College to fake news, here’s a compilation of the media playing the blame game for Clinton’s loss.

  • BonLovesFreedom

    The msm keeps perpetuating the chaos as it excites them to have ‘control’ of ‘useful idiots’ and makes news for them to ‘report’. Frankly, I’m sick of the delusional, hateful, intolerant un-American leftists.

  • surfergirl

    The mainstream media is crying because they think Russia helped Trump get elected, what do they think they did with their one sided reporting, lies and giving Hillary debate questions ahead of time? They’re just as guilty

  • Karll

    It’s OBVIOUS that this was sophisticated hacking perpetrated by “the Russians”,
    in order to throw the election for Trump, except that
    1- podesta gave his email password to a phishing site.
    2- The dnc admitted their cyber security was pathetically inadequate.
    3- Assange himself claimed it wasn’t “the Russians”.
    4- There is NO evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians.
    5- There’s no “official” report from the CIA, just some back room blather hyped by the media.
    6- The FBI found no evidence that any hacking was done by “the Russians”.
    7- The FBI found that the RNC was NOT hacked at ALL.


    The Main Stream Media is reportedly facing numerous layoffs in the coming year as the election season winds down, experienced Republican posters are expecting a large number of these former journalists to retaliate by posting inside stories that highlight this traitorous group of maggots !

    • Karll

      The leftist hacks are going to be laid off? What a shame.
      Perhaps they could find a job more suitable for their skills,
      like professional dog walking. Plus, car washes are always hiring.

      • RLTMLT

        Jobs that are far too good for this bunch ! I’m thinking scrubbing out septic tanks would be more along their line !

  • 1ArcticWarrior

    So glad I don’t waste my time watching the liberal media 🙂

    • Reverend Joe Ruyle

      Likewise! I stopped watching most news perhaps 6 or 7 years ago. My mood almost immediately improved having freed myself of all their negativity. I watched the election results (on FOX) and plan to watch the inauguration…… but otherwise I only turn to a news channel if some severe weather event is threatening.

  • Reverend Joe Ruyle

    In a stunning reversal the mainstream media…… purveyors of 99.7% of all “Fake News”……. are now blaming their work in generating “fake news” for Mrs Bill Clinton blowing the election. Of course they are not blaming themselves….. only the result of all their one sided reporting and slavish commitment to Mrs. Bill Clinton.

    They conducted biased polls where they oversampled democrats by up to 30% to show Hillary with huge leads. (HINT….. FAKE NEWS!!)

    They used the results of their biased polls to generate “news stories” favorable to Hillary.
    (HINT….. FAKE NEWS!!)

    They slanted their election coverage in a ratio of 10 positive stories about Hillary for every story about Trump. Conversely their coverage of Trump was over 90% negative which is why Mr. Trump chose to bypass the biased media in favor of going directly to the people.

    The result is that even on election night the media and the leftists in the country were all still believing all the FAKE NEWS about Hillary’s huge win. When their lie collapsed and the REAL NEWS that Trump had crushed her in an overwhelming victory finally settled in the left became unhinged. How could their LIE not be true???

    Because it was a lie and they all knew it. They simply refuse to believe the truth. This is political war now and the unhinged leftists are out of their minds with hatred and resent being rejected. The FAKE NEWS is only going to get worse as they lash out against anything and everyone they can find to blame. A look in the nearest mirror would show them exactly who is to blame for their defeat. As the saying goes…. in war… the first casualty is the truth.


    Serious concerns for the future of free speech in this country when the Liberals in Congress start proposing yet another government agency to regulate what is said in this country as fake or real news. Essentially they are attempting to create a Ministry of Propaganda where a Free Press once stood ! Thank God Trump will be in charge, and Republicans in the Majority in Congress, to stop this slide toward Marxist Authoritarianism !


    An old Time Magazine article from the 1996 Clinton era has been discovered that tells of Washington’s effort to save Boris Yeltsin’s crumbling campaign for re-election as president of Russia. Hacking was in it’s infancy so this effort was accomplished through the direct efforts of our people. A secret experienced election team was sent to Russia where they established a fully staffed election control operation in Yeltsin’s private hotel suite. They risk arrest and possible imprisonment for meddling in Russian elections. Their efforts were rewarded with a Yeltsin victory. Meddle in other country’s elections ? The CIA has been doing it for decades. If Putin was meddling in our elections, maybe it was just payback for our earlier efforts.

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