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Muslim running the DNC? Labor May Make It Happen in our Weekly News Quiz


Will the support of labor power Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison to the DNC Chair? Take our weekly news quiz and see if you can guess who’s behind Ellison’s campaign.

Take your shot at our brain-busting questions all drawn from the conservative news we’ve been providing and if you get an “A” and

we’ll give you a shout out in next week’s quiz!

Image credit: kev_hickey_uk under CC 4.0

Image credit: kev_hickey_uk under CC 4.0

The following CRN readers aced our quiz last week and we send a big Congratulations to all of these patriots:

Daniel Meloon, Red Neckerson, ianengh, Gordon G, Dave, John, 12/5/201, Gene, Me, DennisP, Patriot1947, Kathy Bryant, boomer56, Rate Obama, jack, me, Jim, John, sesame, Red Neckerson, Krf, ggchristiansen, catspit, Mean machine, ONLYJB1, Alexander, Eric , aylor, burro, Jerry, Smitty, Goodsteve, rmitchell, robert stigler, Bill, Kevin Schwinkendorf, DANNY, Gandalf, Dr. Bill Hudson, wellilltellya, Earl, DEBBIE, 
Nana Christine, Davey crockett, Kim, john, Laura, Christmas, Reggie, ematson75, 
Digger Dave, BonLovesFreedom, Blueblaster, Bill, Shiara, Arkie88, Re snow man, N. Kasper, kirk sevener, Obama, john Baker, gpond49, June, Ron, Boatman, John N
Franz Engelmann, guess, ?, lucky whipple, HB, R Stiller, Jlar, Borderbully, Liberal downfall
bob, Blueblaster, John Milnes Baker, Ronald Reagan

CRN News Quiz Dec 12-Dec 16 2016


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