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Video: Hollywood begs Republican electors to dump Trump


Remember back in September when a bunch of self-righteous celebrities begged Americans not to vote for Donald Trump? Well, they’re back at it — but this time they’re begging Republican electors to cast a faithless vote against Trump:

“You and just 36 other conscientious Republican electors can make a difference by voting your conscience on December 19th,” the celebrities say, because presumably the electors are unaware of how the Electoral College works.

The video was released Wednesday by a group called Unite for America. According to their website, they’re a “multi-partisan movement of concerned citizens and volunteers” who “stand for the defense of historic American values.”

Sounds pretty straight-forward — until you realize that their website was registered in Canada:

The Unite for America website does not contain much information about the group or its members. It also does not list an address or phone number. In order to contact Unite for America, a form must be submitted through its site.

Despite the group’s reference to alleged foreign influence in the presidential election, a trace of the group’s URL shows that its website was registered in a foreign country.

According to a search on ICANN WHOIS, a website that provides public access to data on registered URL names, UniteForAmerica.org was created on Nov. 26 with internet service provider Tucows Inc., located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

It is unclear if Unite for America is a foreign group. The organization did not respond to requests for comment through its website. 

God forbid Russia influenced the American election. But if Canada can pull some strings? That’s apparently eh-ok.

Photo: YouTube

  • 4Pip

    These people need to stop saying Trump is not Constitutionally right for office.It’s Hillary who is against everything it stands for.Do they really want lying career criminal who is also a Communist in office? That is going against our Constitution.

  • J.J. Pusser

    Ok… Here are people who most likely never met or spent a minute of quality time with Donald Trump. But..somehow reading a script and acting in a role of a fictional character.. 99% of the time, allows them to castigate, slander, judge a person they don’t personally know.

    Then, because their actors… they are asking others to be the executioner of their consensus and become a “faithless elector”, turn on your party, turn on the persons who in your state voted for the electoral winner.

    They don’t have one Fn’ iota of responsibility fall on their shoulders… when the voting process occurs. Yet, this is the same phony actor crowd that VOWED to leave the country if Trump got elected…

    Seen anyone of these “Brave” celebrities leave the USA? Of course not, their sucking in the dollars and their promises were phony and a stunt.

    Just like these folks…hoping they can get an elector to suck up to their notion of limelight that they enjoy, by using scripted language and calling on the electors to do a Benedict Arnold move…sitting on their comfy sideline.. You’ll never here from them again..they’ll be too busy living the life of luxury… unlike most of the citizens of this country.

    Most people recognize sore loser’s when they see them… Don’t fall for their false “Hero” moniker… bravery is when you adhere to the system as it stands whether you think its 100% right or wrong. In America we respect fair won results. If we want the rules changed, by all means change them and we can see if the change was good or bad in the next election.

    That’s following a fair and honest participation as electors in this election, that was not corrupted…. which was evident when Mr. Trump got more votes after the recount.

    Don’t let elite wealthy Hollywood actors who spend more on makeup that most Americans make… Ok some plastic surgery too.

    • RLTMLT

      Hollywood has bigger problems than Trump ! Producers have been fleeing the corrupt Hollywood infrastructure for over forty years increasingly moving Television and Movie productions to Canada and the UK. China now has the largest entertainment production facility on the planet that can be seen from outer space and George Lucas has sold all his special effects enterprises to a production group in the far East. In addition, various states like Georgia and Texas have long been promoting a growing local entertainment production industry based in Atlanta Georgia and Dallas and Austin Texas. All part of a growing world economy where unregulated motivation, planning, and creativity is increasingly replacing empire building despots !

      • J.J. Pusser

        Your comment adequately follows the money…but world wide…. Hollywood and it’s adornments remain an American landmark and will remain “the” platform/stage for the diversification of political delusions developed as part of the liberal safety net promoting celebrity pyramid thinking…. until the Oscars move to Wyoming…Ok North Dakota….


    Desperate final pleas from a dying Liberal Class who is facing the end of spending other people’s money and a Nanny Government meddling in citizen’s private lies. In a final effort to dominate, they are proposing legislation that would block so called Fake News, a direct assault on First Amendment Free Speech Rights ! Like over reaching governments in the past, this current government has been legally replaced by a majority of it’s citizens. through Constitutional means. Their troubling response to the majority of citizen’s smacks of an attempted overthrow by authoritarian revolutionaries. The primary reason why many citizens have fought to maintain and expand the Second Amendment of the Constitution !

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