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Judge orders release of search warrant that reopened Clinton email probe

Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr (cc by-sa 2.0)

Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr (cc by-sa 2.0)

The Hillary Clinton email scandal truly is never-ending. On Monday, a federal judge ordered the release of the search warrant that led to the reopening of the FBI investigation into Clinton’s email just days before the presidential election:

U.S. District Court [Judge] P. Kevin Castel issued an order Monday that the warrant linked to the Clinton probe and related records be unsealed at noon Tuesday, unless a higher court steps in. The judge acted after a California lawyer who mainly investigates art thefts, E. Randal Schoenberg, filed a suit seeking to force unsealing of the files.

The records to be unsealed will show how the FBI framed its arguments for the search warrant to access the emails. An affidavit submitted when seeking the warrant could reflect what the FBI told the magistrate involved about how likely the alleged the emails were to contain evidence of a crime.

Just last week, outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid blamed the reopened email probe for “singlehandedly” costing Clinton the election.

Could it cost her even more? We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • McFerguson

    “Could it cost her even more?” Let’s hope so. If I’d done what she has, I’d be looking at 10 years of hard labor at Fort Leavenworth

  • Robert Pohlman

    She had no intent??? After several years of violating her NDA and DOS regulations there is no prosecution – let’s get her in court. If you read her depositions, she sidestepped all the questions…

  • pappy450

    I’ll believe this when I see her butt in an orange jumpsuit along with all her other minions that helped her along the way to commit all the crimes she has “gotten away with” all these YEARS just because of “who” she is. The enforcement of the LAW should apply to everyone that chooses to break it, not just the “elite chosen few that think they are “above” us “common folk” and don’t need to follow the “rules”

    • Barkingdeathsquirrel

      That’s going to be a lot of orange fabric for her gigantic arse.

  • Christine Cuneo

    I would say it has not cost her enough.

  • william g munson

    Well she lied and deleted emails after they were supenad by Comgress and they is a treasonous act period too and should get more years in jail than those that did less and got ten years or more i

  • Charlie

    If anyone else had done once what we know that she has done they would be looking at several years in Leavenworth. In the words of SNL’s church lady, “Isn’t that special?”

  • Dennis B Anderson

    If Hilly doesnt pull this off shes going to be shot for treason? This would be an incentive for any dumb $cheieit. Lets get real about this they tried to take over our government, and failed. Its their life now! Its time to die lets see how the rats go about doing this. Life is stranger than fiction you cant make this stuff up??

  • michael t

    Harry Reid… could it be that the wrong candidate was chosen, due to the DNC and Debbie Wasserman putting their fingers on the scales, against Bernie ?
    I don’t care for Bernie, but he is more likeable and honest than Hillary
    And he does not have a murky murky past with too many deaths, in tow
    Perhaps, Harry, stop blaming others and look at the quality of the candidate
    The first one ever to run for POTUS whilst under investigation
    Really ?

    • RLTMLT

      In addition, she’s not making any friends among politically active women in this country who may be seeking an influential position in government sometime in the future ! But then the Clinton’s have never shown any interest in becoming team players outside team Clinton !

  • michael t

    As for the FBI, laughable conclusion of no intent, intent is not written in the statute
    And Hillary intended to deceive some 33, 000 times, with each and every deleted e mail
    Lock her up


    So they are going to try to tell us that after what, 40 years in so called public service (More like personal profit one way or another) and having been one of those self righteous, highly opinionated lawyers, that she didn’t understand the law!!! Hilldebeast, let me ask you one thing. What was one of the first things EVERYONE learns and knows? Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Now, on the other hand, just because you’re ignorant, pompous, self righteous, self absorbed and indescribably self loathing, it doesn’t give you a get out jail free card.

    I PRAY the full weight of the law comes down on you and your cabinet! AND, anyone else (dem or repub or whatever other political affiliation) that deems themselves above the law.

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