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Cartoon: Cape Tears


Hollywood can’t get over itself when it comes to big emotional displays over their crushing defeat. Check out this Branco Toon and share it with your friends.


  • WVF

    DeNiro, Hanks, Cloony, and a host of others are still crying the blues and in shock! Tough! Suck it up, wimps! You’re all overpaid “actors” who know little to nothing about this Republic!

  • Frank W Brown

    Hey all you hollywood IDIOTS, maybe you should REALLY leave the USA, we’re damn tired of your sniveling CRAP!!

  • Med1

    Just as Trump is circumventing the MSM to teach them a lesson, we must teach these “singers, actors and tv personalities” a lesson! Every opportunity we get, we must boycott them -their movies, CD’s, DVD’s, merchandise, programs and appearances. Time to fight fire with fire. Running their mouths = No money in their pockets!

  • Simple solution. Move to Canada. They make most of the movies and TV shows in Vancouver anyway. Less travel time. Smaller carbon footprint. Save jet fuel = save the planet. Just look at all the benefits!!

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