Obama admin fires scientist for NOT lying to Congress

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In the eyes of the law, lying to Congress is a crime.

In the eyes of liberals, NOT lying to Congress is a crime.

Dr. Noelle Metting learned that the hard way.

She was fired by Obama administration officials for honestly answering questions from members of Congress, instead of reading from a lobbying script prepared for her.

Dr. Metting, a scientist and manager in the Energy Department, met with members of the U.S House Committee on Science and Technology in 2014 to discuss a research program into how low doses of radiation effect humans.

Representatives wanted to learn more about the program before voting on a bill to officially codify it and require a report to Congress.

Energy Department officials secretly opposed the bill. They wanted to spend that money on “global warming” programs.

In an effort to sabotage the vote, a prepared script was provided to Dr. Metting and the other Energy Department officials, which was intended to hide information from Congress and mislead Members.

“DOE management developed a scheme to withhold information from congressional staff,” a newly-released congressional report read. “Dr. Metting was directed to omit information from a presentation to congressional staff given during the briefing.”

Rather than read from the script, Dr. Metting fully and honestly answered questions.

Not only did the Obama administration ask Dr. Metting to lie to Congres, they also asked her to illegally lobby.

They prepared the script in an effort to dissuade Congress from passing the legislation.

However, it’s illegal for government employees to lobby Congress in their official capacity, which the Obama administration asked Dr. Metting to do.

The Energy Department fired Dr. Metting after the meeting.

They eventually re-hired her after she threatened legal action.

While Dr. Metting was eventually exonerated by her re-hiring, rogue Energy Department officials must still be held responsible for illegal lobbying and lying to Congress.

The House is now investigating the matter and has released a report.

  • Bert

    Is anyone surprised by this administration’s actions?

  • Ithamar

    It is past time for some serious punishment, and it needs to start at the top.

  • bob breglio

    Every one of these SOB’s need to lose their jobs and pensions and do serious federal prison time. Go for it President Trump. I support you. Lois Lerner should be the first to do a perp walk!!

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