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Obama Asks Terrorist Front Group to Do Diversity Training


A group with ties to terrorist funding is now instructing foreign officials, on the taxpayer’s dime of course, in how to protect Muslim civil rights and avoid discrimination and profiling when countering violent extremism.

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has been charged in federal court as co-conspirators with the Hamas-front group the Holy Land Foundation.

Image Credit: Debra Sweet CC by 2.0

Image Credit: Debra Sweet CC by 2.0

Despite the group’s radical ties, it wields tremendous power in the Obama administration. This is especially true when it comes to the way the nation’s local and federal law enforcement agencies conduct anti-terrorism training. In fact, it was CAIR that got the FBI to purge anti-terrorism material determined to be offensive to Muslims.


Judicial Watch uncovered that scandal a few years ago and obtained hundreds of pages of FBI documents with details of the arrangement. Judicial Watch also published a special in-depth report on the subject. CAIR also got several police departments in Obama’s home state of Illinois to cancel essential counterterrorism courses over accusations that the instructor was anti-Muslim. The course was called “Islamic Awareness as a Counter-Terrorist Strategy” and departments in Lombard, Elmhurst and Highland Park caved into CAIR’s demands.

In this case, CAIR was hired to train French national security figures in ways to avoid “anti-muslim” bias.

CAIR has a long history in subverting justice and protecting radical Islamic terrorists.

Besides playing a key role in shaping anti-terrorism training to be Muslim friendly, CAIR has flexed its muscle to block terrorism investigations during the Obama presidency. This includes intercepting an FBI probe involving the radicalization of young Somali men in the U.S. like the ones who carried out the 2013 attack at the Westgate Shopping Mall in Northern Nairobi. Several of the jihadists involved in the attack were Somalis from Minnesota, according to a mainstream news report. Among them was 22-year-old Ahmed Mohamed Isse of St. Paul and 24-year-old Abdifatah Osman Keenadiid of Minneapolis.

In other words, the Obama Administration hired the financiers of radical Islamic terrorism to instruct those charged with defending law-abiding citizens from terrorism on how not to offend terrorists.

  • Trump should, and will hopefully, rid this country of CAIR and all of its existing and future off shoots! Under obuma, they wielded a major sword, they must be made to enter a death roll! This how the muzzies gained a foothold in OUR government, this is NOT acceptable! Because of their intrusion, sharia law is raising its ugly head! I don’t know about others, but I myself, would rather DIE than live under sharia law! Put the muzzies on notice, YOU ARE NO LONGER WELCOME IN OUR COUNTRY!!!!!

  • Ima Barber

    All of CAIR’s pull will be gone after Trump takes charge. Hopefully most of it’s members will be sent packing.

  • yellowjacket2

    May I suggest that one of the first things that Trumps does, after he is inaugurated, is to launch a full scale investigation into Barak Husain Obama’s ties to Islamic terrorist organizations.
    He has invited the Muslim Brotherhood into the Whitehouse and placed them in key Homeland Defense advisory positions. And he works closely with CAIR (Committee for American Islamic Relations). In spite of the fact that both of these organizations are listed as having ties to Islamic terrorist. He has released scores of Muslim killers from Guantanamo despite knowing that most of them have returned to the battlefield. He is openly hostile towards Israel and supportive of Iran. And the way that he has conducted the fight against ISIS is so disastrous it can no longer be considered just a result of his incompetence. Obama has clearly been a much better president for the Islamic terrorist than he has been for America. And we need to get to the bottom of that!

    • WVF

      Obama was and is an impostor.

  • BonLovesFreedom

    The first sentence, “A group with ties to terrorist funding is now instructing foreign officials, on the taxpayer’s dime of course, in how to protect Muslim civil rights and avoid discrimination and profiling when countering violent extremism.” is the epitome of ridiculous/absurd/insane. Mr Trump, please stop the kowtowing to muslimes, shut down the 30 muslime terrorist training camps in America, deport the anti-American people, and enforce our immigration/border laws. Immigration & Nationality Act of 6/27/1952, Public Law 414; The Act allowed the government to deport immigrants or naturalized citizens engaged in subversive activities and also allowed the barring of suspected subversives from entering the country. It was used to bar members and former members and “fellow travelers” of the Communist Party from entry into the United States, even those who had not been associated with the party for decades. This would include anti-American muslimes who refuse to assimilate, insist on shariah law, clog our streets with prayers to allah, demand no one speak negatively of islame, etc, etc.
    America – love it or leave it.

  • Ahmed F. Hosny

    If THAT is not Treason I don’t know what is. Benedict Arnold must be turning in his grave.
    The Whole World (except Obama) knows that the Moslem Brotherhood and Hamas & Co. are Terrorist (Outlawed) Organizations.

  • WVF

    The muzzies of CAIR are not welcome in America. Go home to your own hellhole, and leave us in peace.

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