Obama revs up plan to sneak in all refugees before Trump takes office

Image Credit: DonkeyHotey CC by 2.0

Image Credit: DonkeyHotey CC by 2.0

With just months left in his presidency, Barack Obama has smashed apart the immigration floodgates in an effort to let in as many Middle Eastern refugees as possible.

“The United States admitted 23,428 aliens as ‘refugees’ during the first 11 weeks of fiscal year 2017 (October 1 through December 17), according to the Refugee Processing Center (RPC), which is operated by the State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM),” The New American reports.

The White House tells Congress in a new report Obama plans to admit a “significantly higher” number of refugees from Syria than the 10,000 he initially promised to limit himself.

According to The New American, Obama blew though the 10,000 mark a month ahead of schedule

“If the rate of refugee settlements thus far in FY 2017 holds, the United States will resettle approximately 110,580 for the fiscal year. This number would exceed President Obama’s goal of admitting 110,000,” The New American reports.

Obama appears to be trying to get as many Middle Eastern refugees into the United States before President-Elect Donald Trump is sworn in on Jan. 20, 2017 and can halt the order.

Trump could block as many as 80,000 of Obama’s refugees.

  • John C Raby

    Obama revs up plan to sneak in all refugees before Trump takes office
    What the hell is with this moron? Is he trying to start a civil war in America? Ok, lets move every dam one of them into the Sanctuary Cities and demand that every dam liberal take two of them into THEIR moldy basements.

  • BonLovesFreedom

    More proof that dinglebarry is one of them, hates America and Americans, and believes he is above the law. Wonder where he thinks his “safe space” will be after January 21, 2017.

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