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Trump Is Looking to Go – ‘Big League.’ Congress Says They’re Ready. Let’s Do It


President-elect Donald Trump is from all appearances looking from Day One to very rapidly go very “big league.”  And by “big league” – he means huge reductions in the amounts of the federal government to which we are subjected.

After more than a century of Washington, D.C. ceaselessly, inexorably vacuuming up power that Constitutionally belongs to the states, municipalities and/or We the People – Trump’s revolution will be about re-devolving power.

Image Source: Gage Skidmore CC by 2.0

Image Source: Gage Skidmore CC by 2.0

Trump’s not doing this as the implementation of a lifelong ideological crusade.  Because he’s not an ideological crusader.  He’s a businessman – he just wants things to work.  And he has spent a lifetime watching government (at all levels) royally screw up…basically everything.

Call this the Reality Revolution.  DC has spent a century-plus ignoring Reality – Trump intends to again acknowledge it.

Trump was throughout the campaign routinely ridiculed by the Left and the Never Trump Right for his amorphous pledge to hire “the best people.”  Turns out he wasn’t kidding.  He is rapidly assembling, almost inarguably, the most deregulatory Cabinet in our nation’s history.

Heck, Trump’s nominated as Energy Secretary former Texas Governor Rick Perry – who four years ago ran for President pledging to close the Energy Department.  It doesn’t get any more deregulatory than that.  (And it should be closed – and be just one of oh-so-very-many to go.)

Because Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama grew so much government via Executive Branch fiat – Trump can undo a lot of it himself.  But there are slates of government that must be undone by President Trump and Congress together.  Enter Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan.

I saw Fox News’ Bret Baier interview Ryan the day after the election – just after Ryan had met with Trump.  Ryan was so excited, I don’t think he blinked once during the entire conversation.  He nigh breathlessly, repeatedly, joyously said how fast Trump says he wants to hit the ground  running.  And Ryan metaphorically had his feet on the desk – lacing up and tying tight his track shoes.  He appears to want to jubilantly join Trump in the race.

Last week during a CNBC interview, Ryan said that at the end of 2015 he had (wisely, I add parenthetically) told his Committee Chairman to spend 2016 writing full-on, ready-to-go reform bills.  Preparing as if the Republicans would in 2017 control both houses of Congress and the White House.

And now Republicans do.  Here’s hoping they’ve learned the lessons of the last time they did – and royally screwed it up.  Under President George W. Bush in the 2000s.  We the People – then as now – wanted less government.  The Republicans instead unleashed a spending and earmark avalanche, passed massive new entitlements, drastically and badly expanded the Feds’ role in education and tried to jam through illegal alien amnesty.

A resume that cost them the Congress in 2006 and the White House in 2008.  Let us not repeat that mistake.  Save for his ridiculous $1 trillion infrastructure boondoggle, Trump doesn’t appear to be anywhere near doing so.  And (cautiously, I add parenthetically) it doesn’t sound like Ryan is either.

President Bill Clinton in 1996 famously said “the era of big government is over.”  Because, way back then, he knew that that is what We the People wanted.  It was why we had just elected a Republican House for the first time in (then) forty years.

Twenty years later – We the People are still waiting for the epoch to actually end.  Here’s hoping that terminus has finally arrived.

Trump ran on truly revolutionary reforms.  And won.  Congress should acknowledge that fact – and act upon it.  Trump ran on repealing and replacing terminally ill Obamacare – and is nominating the people to do it.  Don’t futz around, Congress – do it.  All the way.  Trump ran on repealing the Dodd-Frank banking disaster legislation – and is nominating the people to do it.  Don’t futz around, Congress – do it.  All the way.

And this full-on, big league reform should be executed in every area government is poisoning the private sector.  Which is…every area of the private sector.  And just because a sector isn’t a big part of the conversation – doesn’t mean it isn’t a big part of the private sector.

To wit: the Tech sector.  Which has rapidly grown to be 1/6 of our entire economy.  And the Obama Administration’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) spent its entire existence pummeling it with huge power grab after huge power grab.

The biggest, Net Neutrality, garnered a correctly derogatory 2014 Trump Tweet.  Trump’s Tech transition team matches the rest of the Trump transition team – it is fantastic.  Deregulatory folks who know the sector – and know all that needs to be (un)done.

A Trump FCC can its own self roll back many of these abuses.  And it absolutely should.  But the Commission is operating under the antiquated, sclerotic 1996 Telecommunications Act.  Get that?  Think of the innumerable millions (billions?) of technological advancements that have taken place since NINETEEN-NINETY-SIX.

Think of the exponential evolutions over two decades delivered us by the Internet Service Providers (ISPs).  Who exponentially grew Internet speeds – thus making possible the exponential evolutions of the “edge providers” (Google, Facebook, Netflix, etc), computer companies, cellular phone companies, applications companies, etc, etc, etc.

During all of which Congress updated…nothing.  Again, the Trump Administration-to-be is wide-open for a full-on, big league reform.  Congress shouldn’t futz around – they should deliver it.  A complete rewrite of the 1996 Act – the 2017 (or, ok, 2018) Telecommunications Act.

The private sector left the ’96 Act completely behind a LONG time ago.  We need a wholly new law – but this time with demarcated, delineated limits on what the federal government can and CAN NOT do.

No more leaving huge decisions to the bureaucrats – they will never, ever defer to and thus leave alone the private sector.  No more nebulous bureaucrat powers to unilaterally determine things like the “public interest” – they will always use them as government weapons against the private sector.

The 21st-Century, constantly-changing Tech Sector needs revolutionary new law.  To represent the times – both technologically, and the long-time sentiment of its long-suffering people.

Now is not the time to tinker around the edges.  Trump didn’t run on it.  Ryan didn’t prep for it.  We the People don’t want it.]

Now is the time for big league reforms that result in much less government.  Trump ran on it.  Ryan prepped for it.  We the People want it.

Let’s do it.

This is a guest post by Seton Motley Founder and President of Less Government
  • Robert

    In other words you want the Federal Government to reduce the freedoms people have by giving it back to the states that Discriminate just like North Carolina, against Transgender, and put in protectionism laws that stop free trade, and let a few powerful people in the state make laws, gain just like in North Carolina where the Republicans in charge just took ll the powers away from the incoming Governor.
    I do think the Congress in the Federal Government is smarter than that, just remember it was the same Congress that a lot of the Republicans sided with the Democrats and where 29% of teh Republicans in Congress say they will not support Trump’s platform.

    • RLTMLT

      Robert I’m with you on rejecting so called States Rights ! Years of revisionist history has masked the reality that States Rights was an effort by early 19th century Britain to break up our national union that eventually led to a deadly Civil War. This war was never about racial equality, it was about a slave owning group of Southern States who profited immensely from the free labor that the Northern Industrialists were denied ! Brittan insured that the South’s military might was equivalent to that of the North’s by making large shipments of modern British made weapons to southern ports.

      The wing of the Republican Party that are fighting Trump are the Neocons who are committed to returning to post WWII American and the establishment of yet another Cold War as well as the continuation of NATO. More an effort to keep the government cash machine vomiting up Billions of Defense Dollars than an effort to wage war against a Russia that rejected Communism a quarter century ago. No doubt that their ambitions include future actions against China that has been kicking our economic butts for the past thirty years ! I’m amazed by the Liberals of today who continue to march in lock step behind the Neoliberal leadership of the DNC who are now fully functioning War Mongers ! Trump’s recent electoral victory just saved them from the return of the military draft !

      • Robert

        Most on here are the uneducated Trump says he loves. They are so tunnel vision they never see the whole picture it is a structured look not a look for the truth or the whole picture it is just look at what i want to see. It is a good thing our intelligence people are not like that we would be in a world of smelly stuff. The whole political system is designed to keep the people fighting so the rich can pick your pocket, Both Parties put people on here to stir the pot twist the facts or omit the whole part of a story just to stir the pot.
        I enjoy blogging with them and sometimes it is hard not to be as disrespectful with nasty names but i do hold my self higher than that.
        Both parties draw that pendulum to far to either side instead of working for the common good I do think if the Government gave each candidate the same amount of money or limited the amount that could be used for any campaign then that would in some ways take the people that the candidate is beholding to out of the picture and make it so no person who has been in government or their families can work in the lobby industry

        • RLTMLT

          Something else we can agree on !
          HAVE A GREAT DAY !

      • Elaine Morris

        In the Civil War, slavery was never the issue. The South could grow cotton, vegetables, etc. The North couldn’t. The North decided that the South should pay a TAX for sending them what they couldn’t provide for themselves. That was THE Issue.

        What many people don’t understand about slavery? No one sailed to Africa TO KIDNAP Africans. African Tribes were at war with eachother. The LOSERS were sold into slavery. Criminals were also sold into slavery.
        There is a history that when the Civil War stopped that Freed Slaves had WHITE slaves.

        At one point, a Jewish population of businessmen here in the U.S. proposed to those who were slaves would be taken back to their home land using five ships. ONE SHIP was half full. They wanted to remain in the U.S.

        • RLTMLT

          That’s true Elaine ! I hadn’t heard the story about the half empty ship but Blacks had it much better here after the Civil War that they would have in 19th century Africa ! I served with Blacks in the military during Vietnam at an early age where I learned to respect those who choose to serve our country. But then Racism ceased to exist in the military during and after WWII !

          • Elaine Morris

            You might(?) find this interesting. My 15 yr. old daughter (shhh, a long time ago LOL. I am old now) introduced me to a Black Poet, Gerren Lyles (or Liles?)…it was a long time ago… Gerren wrote a poetry book, “On the Road to Damascus.” I was bored one day and began reading through the book. ONE SENTENCE blew me away. “African Americans hate themselves for being born black. They project that hate onto the white people.” (I may have a few words…like I say, it was a long time ago.).

  • jerry1944

    From what i read it dont sound much like those dem leaders we have up there are really ready to work with him Mc cain , graham , sure dont sound like it And i really dont trust ryan , are old mitch to work for conservative valuse .I dont even think they will try to stop funding the UN The rep dems up there have been saying how hard they tried to stop obambo while giving him everything he wanted and i dont think they will change , spend , spend thats there way


    The GOP will only let Trump stick his neck out and pass those bills that have public support. If a bill is the least part controversial they will become the same old chickens wanting no part of anything controversial that they may be held responsible for. Once a chicken always a chicken.

    • jerry1944

      and there are more dems in the rep party than many might think and they are the leaders of the old gop ryan , mitch , mc cain , graham to start with will not let conservative rule take place

      • Karll

        Like the dems, RINOs are beholden to the moneyed interests that provide their gravy train over the will and needs of their constituents.

  • Kevin

    I agree with most of this article, but most people are not aware of one of the primary missions of the Department of Energy (DOE). Yes (in my opinion), they have wasted a lot of money on “green energy” (like windmills and solar panels that are much more expensive than conventional energy sources). But, the DOE evolved out of the old Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). Back in 1975 or so, the AEC was split into the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA), so separate out the regulatory from the promotional side of nuclear energy development (there was a perceived conflict of interest between these two functions under the AEC). Within a year, the ERDA was elevated to cabinet-level, and renamed the DOE. From the days of the WW-II Manhattan Project, a primary role of AEC/ERDA/DOE has been the maintenance of our nuclear weapons stockpile. These weapons require a level of technical knowledge (nuclear physics and engineering, plus a lot more) that the Department of Defense is not staffed to maintain (and its a mission that DoD does not want). Currently, nuclear weapons are maintained through the Stockpile Stewardship Program. Deployed weapons are maintained by the military, but Special Nuclear Materials (SNM) – such as plutonium, have a shelf-life (a primary concern is Am-241 ingrowth). The continued certification of these weapons (for both safety and reliability) is the mission of the national labs (such as Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore), and these labs (plus many other sites) are known collectively as the DOE Defense Complex. If DOE is eliminated, this mission still has to be performed by someone (a return to the old AEC? – I don’t know – not my paygrade).

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