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Kerry echoes neo Nazi conspiracy theory in shock attack on Israel


[State Department photo/ Public Domain]

[State Department photo/ Public Domain]

The Obama administration unleashed an all-out attack on Israel Wednesday, with Secretary of State John Kerry blaming the country for many of the world’s problems and even saying a Jewish-run state cannot be considered a free country.

Kerry confessed the Obama administration orchestrated an attack on Israel in the UN, and in the most shocking moment of the stunningly harsh speech Kerry echoed anti-Semitic claims that Jews oppose democracy.

“Israel can either be Jewish or democratic. It cannot be both,” Kerry thundered.

The comment shocked millions. Claims that Jews oppose democracy are found throughout the works of the likes of David Duke, who claim a supposed doctrine of “Jewish supremacy” means any government run by Jews is a natural dictatorship aimed at oppressing other races and religions.

At issue is the “one state versus two state solution” issue.  Many on the Left, including the White House, want Israel to give up much of its land to create a new country for Palestinians as part of a “two state solution” to conflicts in the region.

Supporters of the “one state solution” such as the current Israeli government point out those opposed to Israel believe the country should not exist at all, that a “two state solution” does not resolve the issue and that such a country would give anti-Israel terrorists a safe haven from which to operate.

Kerry even admitted the White House masterminded a United Nations resolution against the country as retribution for its citizens voting against candidates the Obama administration covertly supported with U.S. tax dollars.

The Obama administration dispatched political consultants and secretly spent U.S tax dollars on a scheme to influence Israeli elections and oust the sitting government in order to give Palestinians their own country.

Past U.S. presidents have supported a “two state solution,” but Obama’s interference in Israeli elections and Kerry’s blistering attacks are virtually unprecedented.

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