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Video: Hollywood begs Congress to block Trump


In September, a bunch of self-righteous celebrities implored Americans not to vote for Donald Trump.

In December, a bunch of self-righteous celebrities implored Republican members of the Electoral College not to vote for Trump.

And now, with Trump’s inauguration just weeks away, a bunch of self-righteous celebrities are imploring Congress to block anything Trump tries to do in office:

A slew of high-profile stars — including Sally Field, former “The View” co-host Rosie Perez, “Westworld’s” Jeffrey Wright, Keegan-Michael Key and “Boardwalk Empire” actor Steve Buscemi — are calling on Congress to “vigorously oppose” any of President-elect Donald Trump’s “racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, anti-worker, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, anti-environmental policies.”

“We demand that you block nominees who threaten the rights of women, the LGBT community, people of color, immigrants and the poor,” Key and Field say in the video released Tuesday, the same day the 115th Congress is poised to be sworn in.

In the video, the celebrities insist that, “Since [Trump] won, hate crimes are rising, women have been attacked in his name, people of color have been attacked in his name.” Never mind that many of the reported hate crimes have proven to be complete hoaxes.

Watch below:

#StandUpForUS from Art Not War on Vimeo.

Image via screengrab

  • plum82

    what a stupid bunch………….

    • Bert

      plum82, you just hit the ball out of the park.

      • plum82

        It’s the money the idiots have………they have No idea how normal people live AND why don’t the greedy a-holes help people sleeping on the street instead of whining & sniveling like 2 year olds……

    • surfergirl

      They’re part of the elitists who are completely out of touch with most Americans and can’t understand how we’re tired of being taxed and regulated to death and are making less now than we were 8 years ago

  • surfergirl

    Conservatives had to suffer through 8 years of Obama and you didn’t see us making videos and protesting the inauguration. If they don’t like it move somewhere else. It wouldn’t be any great loss.

  • Name

    They need to pack their bags and get the hell out of our country.


    Art Not War !
    It’s Obama whose been pushing for a confrontation with Russia, Trumps not even president yet !
    I’m surprised he found the time while taking his final lavish taxpayer funded vacation in Hawaii 16 days before leaving office ! The Air Force accounting office has said that it cost $200,000.00 an hour to fly Air Force One and that doesn’t include the salaries, hotel and meal expenses for all the support staff that tag along !
    But Liberals never pass up a free ride on the taxpayers dime !

  • Ithamar

    Well, why don’t they just give it a try, and see what happens.



  • Wildeagleone

    You effing wife swapping, narcotic taking over rated ego infested liberal Hollywood dead beats said you would move so get your s66 t packed and move to the socialistic country of your choice. We will not miss you spoiled ash wholes



  • Ima Barber

    Let them move in with ya’ll. I’m tired of supporting them.

  • Robert Pohlman

    When the President does not listen to the people, lies to the people, and is not the President of all the people, just as Obama did – the silent majority or those forgotten by Obama vote for someone that will listen to them and follow our Constitution. The Hollywood liberals have lost – that is great for America.

  • ctroop

    Isn’t t a shame that a so-called, “conservative” news page, will feature that lame-brained, video, calling for (no, DEMANDING) our congress to help these pathetic miscreants to thwart the will of the people, yet my previous post must be “considered” and “evaluated” before actually posting it. I knew Trump was right about the “media” being in the bag for the liberals … I just didn’t realize how deep the bag was!

  • scott
    • ARJAY

      ˄ 100,000


    How about we all BOYCOTT UNHOLYWOOD!!

    Money talks, lets SHUT THEM UP!!

    They are putting out so much $h!t that NOBODY should be watching anyway!

    They are SO PRO 1st Amendment, that they “publish” any crap THEY want to, including VERY VIOLENT, AUTOMATIC FIREARMS, MURDERING programs, BUT ARE ANTI-2nd Amendment?!?! WTF’s up with THAT?!?!


  • helena10

    Already boycotting it. You’re not missing much with the cr*ap that’s coming out of the land of the idiots. If Hollyweird fell into the Pacific tomorrow, most wouldn’t miss it.

  • carmella

    Is jawing about this really what you want to spend your time on? How about reading the proposed plan that Ryan has for the repeal of the ACA? How about reading the proposed budget that’s been put forward that affects all of us? Who cares what Hollywood folks say?

  • carmella

    To be fair, Congress blocked President Obama for the eight years he’s been in office. And yes, there have been some hate crimes reported that were hoaxes. Not all. What concerns me is that Trump is not draining the swamp as he declared. He’s filling his cabinet with lots of swamp monsters. We should all be concerned.

    • Skip

      Obama had a majority Democrat Congress and Senate his first two years and didn’t get anything except Obama care passed. That when Harry Reed came up with the “nuclear option” declaring the Republican vote null. So your statement is false, they didn’t block him for 8 years. It’s good the Repubs were able to block him for 6 years though or we would have been a socialist country without borders. He nearly destroyed our country, and he is still trying to do so.

      • carmella

        I disagree. But 6 years or 8 years, he was blocked and the GOP refused to work with him. It’s called compromise. The President deported more illegal immigrants than Bush. A socialist country? How? Destroy our country? How? Still trying? How? Remember, the President doesn’t make laws, Congress does.

        • Skip

          You’re correct, Congress does make laws, that’s why he by-passed Congress and made his own laws up with Executive Orders. Look back at his attitude toward Congress, he refused to meet with Republicans, he wouldn’t even address Congress. His last meeting yesterday was with only Democrats. Obama was never a bi-partisan leader, he was more of a dictator. Socialist medicine we were all forced to participate in is one of his mandates. Opening the borders. He may have deported more but he also allowed more illegal aliens into this country than any previous president. He and Hilliary are the reason Libya is in the hand of terrorist, Egypt was nearly over taken by the Muslim brotherhood (who Obama endorsed and supported), Syria was thrown into the civil war, ISIS was allowed to form. I can go on and on with the failures and screw-ups of the Obama Administration, but I believe him turning his back on Israel was the biggest, most unforgiveable act he intentionally made. Now that I think about it, I probably shouldn’t have said he was Socialist, he tends to be more Communist in his behavior.

          • carmella

            Well, Bush made more executive decisions than President Obama. He did meet with Republicans. He also asked them to bring him alternatives which they didn’t. Boehner, after the government shutdown mishegas said they got 90% of what they wanted. That’s not compromise. ACA is not remotely Socialist medicine. If that’s the case, then Medicare and Medicaid are socialist programs. Remember, O’Connell said their sole purpose was to keep Obama from getting a second term. How can you “allow” more illegal immigrants in? The president does not support the Muslim Brotherhood. Syria was thrown into civil war because Assad is a dictator just like his father. If we had gone into Syria, we would be fighting Russia. I believe his foreign policy has been lacking. But don’t forget Iraq and Afghanistan wars were started under Bush. Israel and Palestine should both be recognized. Both are wrong for what’s happening. And the President just approved 38billion dollars in aid.

          • Skip

            Let’s get a few of your facts straight; Obama had the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood at the Whitehouse before and after they attempted their take-over of Egypt. We were in Syria before the Russians, Obama was selectively bombing ISIS and feebly fighting Al-Qaida. (you may want to check out the fact that the weapons Al-Qaida were fighting with were the same weapons Obama and Hilliary sold to the “opposition” in Libya) I’m not defending Bush, but we were not talking about Bush. Iraq was a stupid war and was a mistake, we won in Iraq and Afghanistan then let them go through a bunch of wrong decisions militarily. I spent a bunch of time in all the areas we are discussing as a member of the intelligence community , I knew Chris Stevens, I know what happened to him didn’t have to happen. The President and the Secretary of State didn’t have to lie to the American Public about the cause of his and the SEALs deaths. We can argue this all day, but we are both going to stick to what we believe or know. I just know I was a Democrat and even voted for Obama the first time. I’m an independent now, and after I witnessed what I have, and knowing how dirty Hillary Clinton is, and what she and Obama did in Libya and Syria, I don’t think I can vote for another Democrat again.

          • carmella

            I was just going to write and say really what I’m concerned about right now is the next four years with Trump and Repubs running both houses. All of us need to be worried and active. Thanks for the dialogue Skip.

        • spartacus

          kool aid ,

    • spartacus

      congress blocked ? , drinking the kool aid ,

  • Lorraine E

    Hollywood elites should be shunned whenever possible, their movies not attended, and DVD’s of their movies not watched or purchased. The hollywood elites attendance at Miaramine Arbagovich’s satanic “Spirit Cooking” parties wherein human bodily fluids are consumed as well as cakes created to look like dead children are eaten in satanic rituals. How dare the hollywood scum who participate in the “spirit cooking” parties ever criticize anyone. If they are opposed to Donald Trump, all Americans should support him in every way possible.

  • civilwar1862

    Hate crimes? Women attacked? Sounds like the influx of Muslim refugees. People of color attacked? All I’m seeing is BLM attacking Whites. smh. Suck it, Hollyweird. WE demand that Hollywood elitists leave town, like they promised.

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